TMB are delighted to be able to offer Zostavax

A few facts are worth noting:

  • 95% of adults have had chicken pox. Contrary to folklore they are at risk of Shingles.
  • 90% of Shingles cases occur in Immunocompetent adults, the ability of the body to produce a normal immune response following exposure to an antigen.
  • ‘Healthy’ does not mean immune!
  • 66.6% of cases occur in patients over 50 yrs of age. Risk is age related.
  • 20%-50% of cases will suffer PHN, post herpetic neuralgia. PHN affects sleep patterns, daily activities and well-being. Risk increases for over 50 yrs of age.

Zostavax is a single dose vaccine and has vaccine persistence for up to 10 years.

From €195 including consultation.