New Tele Consultation Service


The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed many facets of life in Ireland including the possibility of seeing a healthcare practitioner face to face except in cases of real emergency. During this unprecedented time TMB is now launching a new Tele Consultation service which is available both for new and existing patients.

A full detailed pre travel consultation service will be available using Shared Screen facilities. This service will cover all the same protocols and practices which we have used down through the past 30 years allowing us provide our patients with detailed information relating to their planned itinerary, including all the health care advice regarding topics including vaccine recommendations, whether or not malaria prophylaxis may need to be considered, avoiding mosquito bites, food and water precautions, dealing with the risk of altitude sickness etc.

Our normal prescription practices will be maintained and provided to the patient via electronic scan to their personal email address or directly to their chemist as appropriate. Certain post-travel consultations may also be possible through this service.

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