Covid-19 Self Test Kits


The Coronavirus self-test may be suitable for those who are unable to attend one of our clinics and yet, for several different reasons, may need to be checked in case they have active coronavirus infection.
This includes those who have travelled in the past two weeks or perhaps if they have recently been in contact with someone who has had COVID-19 confirmed and yet outside of the national screening system.

You do not need to currently be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to take the swab test.

You are still recommended to follow government guidelines following overseas travel and contact the HSE or your GP if you are unwell or experiencing symptoms.

Please remember that when posting the kit back to the laboratory any delays in the postal system will affect the time frame for receiving your results.

It is always best to take your swab early in the week to avoid any weekend delays.

Once the results are available you will be able to download a copy of your laboratory results from your personal myTMB facility.

However, If you need to have a formal certificate confirming the result (typically for international travel) then ideally you will need to attend for an in-clinic consultation. In certain circumstances it may be possible to arrange a teleconsultation with a TMB healthcare worker who would be able to observe that the correct procedures have been followed.

We cannot provide any formal certificate if you have undertaken the swab test without supervision by one of our staff.

Where can I order a Coronavirus Self-Test Kit?

Order the Covid-19 Self Test Kit