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Vaccinations for Barbados

There are no vaccinations required for entry to Barbados from Ireland. However, most tourists would be encouraged to receive cover against the more common food and water borne diseases.

For the short-term tourist the recommended vaccinations for Barbados provided cover against Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus and Diphtheria. For those embarking on a more long-term trip to Barbados or undertaking adventure sports cover against Hepatitis B should also be considered. Travellers should plan their initial consultation with the Tropical Medical Bureau for at least 4 – 6 week in advance of leaving Ireland.

Malaria transmission does not occur within the West Indies including Barbados. However other mosquito borne diseases, such as Dengue Fever, can be a significant problem. Mosquitoes that tend to bite in urban areas during the daylight hours transmit this disease and so care against insect bites is encouraged throughout the whole day.

The temperature in Barbados is generally similar throughout the year with levels between 20°C to 30°C at most times.

Sun exposure most commonly occurs in those who do not cover up sufficiently and particularly if asleep beside the pool, exhausted due to jet lag, soon after arrival. Take care that children are kept cool, drink plenty of fluids and take extra salt in their diet (crisps, salted biscuits etc) to help overcome these effects.

The majority of tourists to Barbados will enjoy a healthy time on the island with little reason for concern providing they follow some simple common-sense rules regarding seafood consumption, sun exposure and dehydration.

Please note that this information only contains guidelines and further more in depth detail will provided to you in your consultation.

Required/ Recommended All Travellers Trekking Rural Yellow Fever ———— TetanusTetanus—— Diphtheria ———— Hepatitis AHepatitis A—— TyphoidTyphoid—— Hepatitis B ——Hepatitis BRabies ———— Meningococcal Meningitis ———— Poliomyelitis ———— Cholera ———— Tuberculosis ———Tuberculosis Tick Borne Encephalitis ———— Japanese B Encephalitis ———— Malaria W.H.O. Report NO malaria transmission in this country.

Country Profile

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