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Vaccinations for Gambia

There are a number of recommended vaccinations for Gambia for travellers from Western Europe. Yellow fever vaccine is strongly recommended/required for all travellers but also the risk of contracting many diseases in this region is unfortunately higher than at home in Ireland.

For the short-term tourist the recommended vaccinations for Gambia include cover against childhood vaccines (Tetanus and Poliomyelitis) and also to have protection against certain other food and water borne diseases (Hepatitis A and Typhoid). Those spending longer in Gambia will need to consider further cover also (Hepatitis B, Rabies and Meningococcal Meningitis) and this may take some time to complete before the trip.

Each traveller’s initial consultation should take place at least 4 – 6 weeks in advance of your trip to Gambia.

Many of our travellers to this region are planning to fish while there and some extra thought and preparation needs to be considered to help ensure their safety. Being with a recognised and experienced party rather than a single lone traveller is a very sensible precaution. Fresh water contact may expose the traveller to a disease known as Schistosomiasis.

There is a very significant risk of malaria in the whole country of Gambia throughout the year (though highest during the rainy season) so malaria prophylaxis will always be recommended for your trip. There are a number of different options which need to be considered for each individual person.

There will be plenty of mosquitoes about during the rainy season (mainly early in the morning and after sunset) so bring a good insect repellent. One with 30% to 50% ‘DEET’ is usually the best.

Please always remember that each traveller is distinct and so individual specific information will require a medical consultation.

Required/ Recommended All Travellers Trekking Rural Yellow Fever Yellow Fever——— TetanusTetanus—— Diphtheria ———— Hepatitis AHepatitis A—— TyphoidTyphoid—— Hepatitis B ——Hepatitis BRabies ——RabiesMeningococcal Meningitis ———Meningococcal Meningitis PoliomyelitisPoliomyelitis—— Cholera ———— Tuberculosis ———Tuberculosis Tick Borne Encephalitis ———— Japanese B Encephalitis ———— Malaria W.H.O. report malaria transmission throughout the country. Prophylaxis recommended for all. Please consult your Doctor or Travel Clinic.

Country Profile

Find out more about the health risks you should be aware of when travelling in Gambia by reading the DFA Gambia country information page
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