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Vaccinations for India

Vaccinations for India

While there are no compulsory vaccinations for travelling to India, it is essential that travellers recognise that there is a higher risk to their health while travelling within India. These risks are mainly associated with food and water borne diseases but conditions such as rabies, tuberculosis and cholera which are often also present in many regions.

Most standard tourists should start their vaccines four to six weeks before they leave home. However, those planning a longer visit, or where a planned trip is likely to bring them to more rural parts of India, should attend earlier to ensure that there is sufficient time to complete the vaccination courses.
For most Irish travellers safety and security while in India will not be a major concern. However, the experience of road travel through any of the major cities is something many tourists will not forget. Taking care on Indian roads is a constantly essential activity. As in many other countries travelling alone or late at night is unwise.

India is a beautiful country and offers many opportunities for both the Irish tourist and the business traveller.

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Vaccinations for India