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Vaccinations for Nepal

Unless you are entering Katmandu from tropical Africa there are no legally required vaccinations for Nepal for entry or exit. We used to receive reports of buses being stopped coming overland from India and for all on board to have evidence of Cholera vaccination. However, this does not appear to be a current problem.

Nevertheless, for your own personal health it is strongly recommended that travellers are covered against the following diseases; Poliomyelitis (childhood booster), Tetanus (childhood booster), Typhoid (food and water borne disease) and Hepatitis A (food and water borne disease). For those undertaking a longer more rural trip to Nepal other vaccinations may need to be considered including Hepatitis B, Rabies, Japanese B and Meningitis.

Short-term travellers to Nepal should book their initial consultation for vaccinations at least 4 – 6 weeks in advance of their trip. However, those camping or trekking may wish to consider attending earlier.

The main risk of Malaria in Nepal will be for those visiting the Terai region. Even here, the significant risk occurs during the monsoon season and for a period afterwards. However, Malaria transmission is reported from other regions of the country and this will need to be talked through in depth before you leave home and the Doctor may recommend Malaria Prophylaxis.

Apart from Malaria there are two other significant mosquito borne diseases that occur in regions of Nepal. Dengue Fever and Japanese B Encephalitis are both frequently implicated in outbreaks and both diseases can cause severe illness even death. Avoiding mosquito and sand-fly bites at all times is essential.

Please always remember each traveller will require an itinerary specific consultation and this information only contains general guidelines.

Required/ Recommended All Travellers Trekking Rural Yellow Fever ———— TetanusTetanus—— Diphtheria ———— Hepatitis AHepatitis A—— TyphoidTyphoid—— Hepatitis B ——Hepatitis BRabies ——RabiesMeningococcal Meningitis ——Meningococcal MeningitisPoliomyelitisPoliomyelitis—— Cholera ———— Tuberculosis ———Tuberculosis Tick Borne Encephalitis ———— Japanese B Encephalitis ———Japanese B Encephalitis Malaria W.H.O. report malaria transmission in this country in certain areas. Please consult your Doctor or Travel Clinic.

Country Profile

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