5 Best rainy season holiday destinations


Travelling to a country during the rainy season can sound cold and wet, but for some destinations this is actually the best time to go. The rain tends to bring lush landscapes and fewer crowds, which means lower-priced accommodations and flights when these destinations are their most beautiful. But not all rainy seasons are created equal, so here’s our list of the 5 best destinations during the rainy season.

Peru (December- March)

The best part about Peru’s rainy season is that it’s generally the warmest part of the year, with average temperatures around 24℃ as opposed to the dryer months where temperatures are around 17℃. But the rain can bring obstacles if you are set on trekking around the Andes, and it’s best to avoid hiking since trails can be muddy and dangerous.

Instead, doing some of the iconic sightseeing in Machu Picchu and Cusco is better and less crowded.

Cayman Islands (May-October)

A brief afternoon shower is often welcomed in the heat of the summer in the Cayman Islands. The country has a very mild rainy season; it doesn’t rain every day, but when it does the storms tend to pass very quickly and offer a refreshing break from the summer heat. Visiting during this time of year also gives you the advantage of being in the beautiful islands off of peak season, so you will find that beaches will be less crowded and accommodations more affordable.

Mexico (May-October) –  rainy season holiday

Even with some rain, there are still plenty of things to do in Mexico during this season. Mexico has a rich and diverse history which is seen best while visiting some of their museums and historical buildings.

But if museums aren’t your thing, you can stay dry while sampling some of the country’s most famous exports at a Mexican tequila or mezcal tasting.

Costa Rica (May-November)

Costa Rica is unarguably most beautiful when the rainforests are lush and vibrant, and the rainy season is the perfect time of year to see the trees at their greenest. Along with making the trees so green, the rain can also bring more bugs to the tropics. Make sure to bring extra bug repellent because the mosquitos are the worst during the rainy season. Even though the bugs may be heavier, the rainy season tends to be the least busy time of year, meaning that the beautiful sights will be less crowded with other visitors.

Dominican Republic (May-November)

A little rain never gets in the way of a good time in the Dominican Republic. Even during the rainy season, many storms come in short bursts and leave clear sunny skies once they are done.

The small drizzles of the rainy season give the perfect excuse to get in the water and enjoy some world class scuba diving.

Travel Health

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