Airport layovers – How to make the most of your long layover

Tips on how to make the most of your layover between flights

Sometimes it is not possible to avoid changeover flights. The thought of sitting around in an airport for hours between flights can be daunting but layovers do not have to mean endless hours of watching the clock. If you use your layover time efficiently, it can be a relaxing and fun part of your trip. In this blog, we share some advice for how to make the most of your long layover.

Come prepared

Prepare by bringing along supplies as a source of entertainment. Some airports have Wi-Fi restrictions so try not to be dependent on them. Whether you bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone, make sure to load it up with your favourite movies, books and music in advance. Netflix also have some movies and series that you can download and later watch offline. Whatever device you choose, it is important to bring chargers to keep your electronics going.

Pack a change of clothes, a small deodorant and baby wipes in your hand luggage. Airport layovers are better when you feel comfortable and refreshed.


It is easy to feel tired and sluggish between flights. After sitting on a plane for hours, it is important to do some exercise when you can. If you are not shy, bring a yoga mat and find a quiet area in the airport to do some stretches. This will help you to use the time and to feel revitalised. If yoga isn’t for you, take a stroll or brisk walk around the airport. Some airports such as San Francisco International Airport offer fitness centres or free yoga rooms – make sure to do your research to see what is available.

Get a lounge pass – airport layovers

Many international airports offer lounge passes to purchase. Whether you are alone or with someone, a lounge pass is a good investment. Teas, coffees and food can be expensive at airports. Not only is a lounge a great place to relax, but food and beverages are included. A Lounge pass will help you to feel refreshed and ready for that fabulous holiday or business trip that’s ahead of you.


Overnight airport layovers are the right time to catch up on some sleep. If you are lucky to have a travelling partner, find a comfortable area and take turns sleeping. This means someone can watch the bags at all times. If you are alone, wear a waist bag under your clothes. This will ensure your cards, money, passport and any other important documents are safe.

Some big airports, such as Amsterdam have a Yotel inside their terminals. If you would like a bed and a shower without the hassle of leaving the airport, this is perfect for you. Visit the airports website to check if there is a Yotel near you!

Can you leave the airport on a layover?

Whether you can leave the airport depends on a number of factors. You will have to go through customs and immigration if you want to leave the airport. Make sure you have the appropriate visa, documents and time to get in and out of the country without stress.

If it is suitable for you to leave the airport, take advantage of this and go on a little adventure. Do some research on the city you are in, maybe you want to visit a museum, ancient ruins or you just want to try the local food. Some airlines offer complimentary excursions to their guests, so make sure to ask a member of their staff about all your options.

Travel health

Contact your nearest TMB clinic and book an appointment for more advice on what you may need to keep your travels safe and healthy.


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