Argentina Travel Tips

Stay safe and healthy with our Argentina travel tips

No matter what your budget or background may be, travelling to Argentina promises a variety of enriching experiences. Whether you’re on a lengthy South America backpacking stint or a much shorter getaway, Argentina is sure to enthral and delight. Take advantage of our Argentina travel tips to get to grips with this gorgeous destination and make the most of your stay.

With its jaw-dropping scenery, cosmopolitan cities and rich history, this intoxicating country is often described as seeming more European than South American – but with a sultry Latin American twist. Watch the world go by in a chic café in Buenos Aires or explore the alpine forests near La Cumbrecita and you’ll see that this destination is quite unlike anywhere else on the continent.

Argentina Travel Tips – Staying healthy

Before you step foot in Argentina you need to be thinking about your health. A quick trip to your local TMB clinic is all that’s needed to ensure you have all of your recommended vaccinations for Argentina, such as tetanus, hepatitis A and typhoid, before travelling.

In the unlikely event that you do fall ill overseas, fear not. Argentina’s public healthcare system is very good and it’s easy to get an appointment with a local doctor. Saying that, it’s important to get decent travel insurance before travelling. Check that your policy covers all of the exciting activities you plan on trying.

Safety in Buenos Aires

No trip to Argentina is complete without a stay in bustling Buenos Aires – the city’s residents are amongst the friendliest you will ever meet and keen to show off their vibrant home. Like any other city in South America, or indeed Europe, it’s best to have common sense while exploring Buenos Aires and to keep your wits about you, especially if you are travelling alone.

Holiday-makers are sure to fall in love with the city’s charming architecture, tantalising tango shows and legendary nightlife. While the chances of encountering petty crime are very unlikely, it’s best to know your bearings before setting off on your day’s adventures. Use a map to keep track of your location and ensure you don’t waste time getting lost.

Protect your belongings

It’s easy to see why Argentina is such a hit with backpackers – you can enjoy a wonderful array of activities and experience the country’s fascinating culture without breaking the bank. For peace of mind, it’s advisable to keep valuable accessories and equipment at home. You don’t want to be worrying about losing that beloved diamond ring or having your new camera stolen on your trip. We’d also recommend locking your passport in a hotel safe or security box, and keeping a photocopy on you at all times.

Argentina Travel Tips – Stay safe at night

One of our top Argentia travel tips is for solo travellers,  if you can, join forces with a group of like-minded tourists to explore this stunning country when the sun goes down. Experiencing Argentina’s exhilarating music and dance scene after hours is a must but it’s best to get taxis to your destination and only head to recommended venues.

A trip to Argentina is a feast for the senses – mouth-watering cuisine, rich wine, stunning landscapes, welcoming locals, entrancing music and mesmerising dancing. Be cautious on your getaway but remember the most important thing – soak up the unique culture and have fun! Lifelong memories await you once you’ve journeyed to this exhilarating destination.

We hope you find our Argentina travel tips useful, please check out our blog for more travel health advice and destination tips. For further information on your medical needs or further safety tips, book an appointment at a local TMB travel health clinic.

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