Group TravelExplore the world with our 2017 best holiday destinations for students.

It has never been easier to travel and our list of the best holiday destinations for students will help you gain experience before heading into the real world! Students nowadays are not shy to travel, they do not lack confidence, on the contrary, most like to be independent and to gain a real sense of freedom away from parents, books and lecture halls.

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Thailand is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations for students and is on almost everyone’s bucket list today. This beautiful and sunny destination has so much to offer students at an affordable cost. With mountains to climb, beaches to sunbathe on, jungles to trek and world-class cities to explore, there is no wonder why thousands of students visit Thailand every summer.

Thailand offers students a variety of attractions and activities to see and do. Whether you want to let loose and party, see the stunning cultural and historical sites, or do both, the choice is yours in Thailand. Koh Phi Phi, is well worth a visit. This island has a reputation as a party island but it is also a remarkable place to see. Here, you can visit Maya Bay, where you can get that picture-perfect Instagram shot! The Beach movie was filmed on this idyllic island. Another spot to see is Chiang Mai. Recognised as one of Thailand’s cultural hubs, it is home to many temples and landmarks. Don’t miss the Elephant Nature Park – a wonderful sanctuary devoted to rescuing elephants across Northern Thailand. You will be able to spend a day learning about elephants, bathing and feeding them for a unique and rewarding experience.

Thailand may be slightly further afield but it is very accessible today so don’t waste any time and start planning your next adventure with our new TMB student travel deal!


A new popular holiday destination for students is India. Tour villages, visit some of the most beautiful ancient historical monuments in the world and see the Triangle Taj Mahal for a holiday like no other. India is perfect for students who want to discover a different part of the world. A trip to the great Himalayas national Park is highly recommended for students who love the great outdoors.

India is such a big country, it may seem daunting for students to plan this trip, luckily we have already put together some India Travel Tips as a guide to make planning your dream holiday easy. Now all that remains is to find a cheap flight, and be on your way.


Peru is one of the most exciting and best holiday destinations for students who love to experience the culture of times past. It holds many historical remains of the Inca empire, one of the most fascinating civilizations in history.

The Inca Trail is one of the top five treks in the world and has become a very sought-after challenge with students. It is included as one of the New Seven Wonders of the world. Experience first-hand the breath-taking mountain scenery, subtropical jungle, ancient ruins and tunnels and the famous Inca paving stones. The trek itself finishes at the magnificent Machu Picchu. Reaching Machu Picchu is a mind-blowing experience and an incredible achievement to have under your belt.

Peru is also a great destination for aspiring surfers on a budget, or students who want to experience traditional sightseeing and the beach life in one trip. Peru offers something different for students with boundless activities and sites to see.

Travel health

With summer only around the corner, it is time to start planning your next adventure! Those students travelling to any of our top student destinations are strongly advised to book an appointment at a local TMB clinic and speak to a trained professional about the vaccinations required, which is included in our fantastic student offer for Summer 2017.