Dubai travel tips – things to know before visiting

Make the most out of your adventure with our Dubai travel tips.

Dubai, leaping up from the Arabian desert is a diverse city that boasts a variety of wonderful attractions. There is a lot more to Dubai than fabulous hotels and extraordinary skyscrapers. The city is full of ambition from extravagant malls to some of the most modern constructions and the largest artificial islands in the world! If you have never been to this incredible destination our Dubai travel tips will help you to make the most out of your visit.


The best time to visit Dubai is between October and April. Enjoy clear skies with warm temperatures that hover around 27 degrees Celsius. This weather is perfect for exploring the cities magnificent outdoor wonders like Dubai Miracle Garden. The summer months are not quite as welcoming with temperatures usually reaching up to 50 degree Celsius. Travelling around can be incredibly unpleasant with extreme heat and humidity. The city prepares for the heat with running air-conditioning in most buildings and transport vehicles but a trip during the peak season does make for a more enjoyable trip.

What clothing to wear

A sun hat, sun glasses and sun screen are the essentials for maximum sun protection in Dubai. The sun is very intense and can be tiring. Wear light clothing and avoid dark colours that attract sunlight.

Dubai welcomes people from across the globe. While Dubai has an incredibly relaxed atmosphere, it is important to remember that it is an Islamic state and certain sensibilities should be respected. Revealing too much skin can offend the locals and can be considered a criminal offense. Beachwear and bikinis should be limited to hotel swimming pools. Dress to impress but avoid any trouble by dressing appropriately also. This is one of the Dubai travel tips you don’t want to forget.

Clubs and alcohol – Dubai travel tips

There is an endless list of fantastic bars and clubs in Dubai city, however some clubs are not licenced to sale alcohol. If you are looking to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two make sure to do your research on each venue to avoid disappointment. There is a zero tolerance for drunk and disorderly behaviour in this city. Enjoy the cities glamourous scene by drinking only in places where alcohol is permitted.


Walking in Dubai is restricted by the heat and lack of pedestrian pathways. The city is vast and quite spread out with large roads and motorways in-between. Driving in Dubai is not for the fainthearted and with little public transport available the best option to get around is by taxi. All taxis in Dubai are metered and can be ordered or hailed from the street. The cost of a taxi is reasonable but try to avoid travelling during the peak times.

Visiting the desert

A trip to the desert can be an amazing experience. From sand boarding to group drumming sessions to star watching, there is something for everyone. The dessert endures extreme climate conditions so it is important bring a few basics to avoid any complications. Carry a bottle of water with you always. It is vital to stay hydrated so drink plenty of H2O throughout the day. Be prepared for any situation with your own first aid kit. This can carry disinfectant spray, sun cream, burn cream and any personal medication you may need.

Travel Health

Thinking of travelling to Dubai? Pay a visit to your local TMB clinic before travelling, find out about the recommended vaccinations for Dubai and get expert advice on how to avoid falling ill on your travels.

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