Group Travel Tips

Be confident with our group travel tips

Travelling with a large group of friends can be a lot of fun – think post Leaving Cert holidays, skiing trips to the Alps, group beach breaks and longer backpacking adventures. It can also be pretty stressful at times, when opinions clash and everyone just wants a bit of space from each other. Don’t be put off – our group travel tips will ensure you have the best time imaginable, without killing each other!

Choosing your companions

Think long and hard about which friends will make for the best travel companions. It may seem obvious but it’s important to travel with like-minded people who will be up for doing the same things as you. You might love meeting your old school friend for Sunday brunch or heading for a drink with your colleague but they might not be the best people to spend very long periods of time with. Travelling can be very tiring so choose to travel with a group of people who aren’t very high maintenance and have a ‘can do’ attitude.

Group Travel Tips – Be respectful

When travelling in a group, everyone needs to take responsibility for their own belongings, flight details, visas, passports, vaccinations and so on. It’s unfair for one person to have to carry the burden for everyone else. You should be respectful of each other at all times, making sure you are not late for group activities and listen carefully to everyone’s ideas.

Plan your budget

Sorthing this issue out before you leave is one of our top group travel tips. Money can be a sensitive topic but it’s essential you discuss this before jetting off on your adventure. One person’s idea of a budget might seem extravagant to someone else and vice versa. Set guidelines for food, accommodation and activities so you’re all on the same page. You don’t want to have to dip into your overdraft because you were too polite to speak up on day one!

Talk to each other

Establishing a clear channel of communication is of utmost importance. Encourage your fellow jetsetters to let you know if anything is bothering them so these issues can be resolved as quickly as possible. Travelling can bring out the best and worst in people – chances are you aren’t the best version of yourself after a 24 hour train journey or uncomfortable night’s sleep in a dingy hostel. Consider how your actions affect the rest of the group and listen to your pals with an open ear.

Get some alone time

Don’t be afraid to break off from the crowd if there’s an activity you want to try, sight you want to see or you simply fancy some alone time. Compromise is the name of the game when it comes to group travel but remember that this is your well-earned holiday too. Explain your decision to the group and make plans to meet up later. Chances are everyone else feels the same way.

Get ready for your group adventure with our top travel tips. The most important thing is to be honest with your travel companions, and yourself, about your preferences and budget. Be open to your friends’ suggestions too – your holiday will be all the more exciting because of it!

TMB has a range of group travel health services which will help you to organise your group’s travel plans. These include discounts for groups of 10 or more, on-site consultation for groups of 25 or more, safety guidelines specific to your trip and education seminars. Get in touch with the experts at TMB to find out more about group travel health.

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