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Have a Healthy and Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is filled with love and romance, both at home and abroad. Whether you spend this special day in a tropical paradise or gift a loved one with a fabulous getaway, you won’t want anything to spoil it. From sightseeing the temples of Bangkok to a safari drive in South Africa, travel experiences offer a chance to spend quality time together in stunning surroundings. However, the key to any trip is to remember that ‘your health is your wealth’. Here are some travel tips to help keep you and those you care about happy and healthy on Valentine’s Day.

Be prepared

If you are going on a romantic holiday, be prepared. Make sure to check if vaccinations are required for your chosen destination.

Pack the right supplies

When on a romantic holiday with your loved one you will want to look and feel your best. Let’s face it, insect bites and getting burnt to a crisp don’t look pretty.  Ensure to pack your sunscreen and insect repellent to avoid looking like a half-eaten lobster.

Be sensitive

Consider that your Valentine may have allergies, asthma, diabetes, or other health conditions. You can be sensitive to your Valentine by finding out if certain foods, flowers, pets, stuffed animals, or other items might affect their health.

Spread love, not germs

A runny nose or a chesty cough is not attractive nor pleasant to have.  Washing your hands often, avoiding close contact when you or someone you know is sick and getting a yearly flu vaccination can protect you from catching or spreading a cold and flu.

Be food-conscious

Travelling with your loved one can be a relaxing, exhilarating and delightful experience but this is only possible if you maintain your health.  Avoid nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea by avoiding uncooked foods, ice and dairy products on your romantic holiday. Instead of going out for food consider making a healthy Valentine’s meal together instead.

Have a healthy and happy Valentine’s Day and avoid illness overseas. Travellers are strongly advised to book an appointment at one of the many TMB clinics and find out about the vaccinations they may require. 

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