Packing Tips for Travelling Abroad

Prevent disaster with a holiday checklist

It’s always a good idea to have a holiday checklist to hand when getting ready for a trip.

The flights are booked, the accommodation is sorted and the bags are packed. But have you remembered everything?

When planning a holiday, be it a beach getaway, a city break or a safari, people tend to get swept away by dreaming of their upcoming break and important details may be overlooked. If you forget an essential detail such as a vaccine or even ensuring your passport is in date, your dream could be shattered! That’s where a good holiday checklist comes in handy…

Here are the top ten holiday checklist items from Tropical Medical Bureau to ensure you don’t forget the important things ahead of your next adventure!

  1. Is your passport in date? It may seem like an obvious one but some countries require your passport to be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of travel. Don’t get caught out at customs!
  2. Have you had all required vaccines? Many people assume that vaccines are not needed for certain regions but you should always double check. For some countries certain vaccines are required such as Yellow Fever or Meningitis. Others such as the Rabies vaccine are recommended dependent on country.
  3. Do you suffer from any allergies? Make sure you are prepared for an allergic reaction while abroad.
  4. Be sure to stock up on any medication that you may require while away as it may not be available in your chosen destination.
  5. Make sure your luggage does not exceed the weight limit for the airline you are travelling with. Some airlines have a lower limit than others so be sure to check and avoid facing heavy charges or having to abandon your favourite pair of heels at the airport!
  6. Plan your route before you leave, do not leave deciding on where to go for when you arrive. Plan ahead for at least the first three days until you can get your bearings.
  7. Know where to go if something goes wrong. While you are away, Tropical Medical Bureau offers a 24/7 emergency phone line. Patients can use this service to contact TMB while overseas if they have any sickness. TMB also have an international network of clinics.
  8. Thoroughly research the area where you will be travelling to. It will be a significant help to arrive with knowledge of the area and any public transport that you may need to use.
  9. Learn the local language. Learning off an entire dictionary may not be plausible but picking up a few key words and phrases will come in very handy when trying to communicate.
  10. If you are feeling unwell upon your return, it could be something you picked up while you were away. Tropical Medical Bureau offers a full check-up upon your return if you are concerned about having contracted an illness.

It is always a given that something will go wrong while on holidays, but at least with a holiday checklist you have the essentials covered and will be prepared to deal with it when it does. If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail!

Travel health

For travel health tips and advice call into your local TMB travel health clinic and speak to one of our qualified professionals. Our experts will guide you through the health requirements for your destination, telling you all you need to know about vaccinations, mosquito bite prevention and food hygiene.

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