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How to Beat Jet Lag

Expert advice on how to beat jet lag and avoid feeling frazzled on holiday

Jet lag, the demon of long-haul travel, refers to disturbed sleeping and eating patterns, weakness and disorientation experienced on arrival in your destination. Journeying through different time zones can wreak havoc with your mind and body, seriously affecting how you feel for the first few days of your holiday or business trip. No one wants to be a zombie after their flight! Here we discuss how to beat jet lag and ensure you’re in top form to enjoy your getaway.

Rest up before you go

Flying halfway across the world is as stressful as it is exciting. Chances are you have lots to sort out before you go – visas, vaccinations, finances, packing and maybe even a goodbye party or two. You may feel like embracing holiday mode early but having too many wild plans will cause you to feel worn out and exhausted before you even set off. Spend the days before your journey relaxing and catching up on sleep so you are both physically and mentally prepared.

Flight behaviour

If you’re going to arrive at your destination during the day, avoid the temptation to cram in as many in-flight blockbusters and free peanuts as possible. Getting a much-needed slumber on the plane will help you feel refreshed on arrival. Use an eye mask and ear plugs to drown out the sound of other passengers and announcements. Catching some zzz’s can be difficult if you’re uncomfortable so don’t wear jeans, three piece suit or tight dress on the flight – you can always change on arrival if you’re worried about looking unprofessional.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can drastically intensify the effects of jet lag. Plenty of water throughout the flight will help to keep body in top condition. Avoid the temptation to drink caffeinated drinks and alcohol before, during or after your flight. Sure, a few glasses of wine sounds like a great way to get the holiday started early but this will only further dehydrate your body and result in a disrupted sleep. Likewise, too much coffee may mean that you have even more difficulty adjusting to your destination’s time zone.

Embrace local sleeping patterns

It may be hard but try your best to go to bed at the same time as locals when you arrive at your destination. Dozing off at 3pm and waking up late at night will do nothing for your body in the long run. Aim to get as many hours sleep as you usually do at home. This will help you to adjust to the new time zone as quickly as possible. If you’re really struggling, a short nap during the day should see you through.

So there you have it, our top tips to avoid jet lag. Be good to your body and it will be good to you. Rest up before you go and make the effort to embrace local sleeping and eating patterns. An amazing getaway is waiting for you when you wake up!

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