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How to budget for 6 months travelling

Discover how to budget for 6 months travelling

It is difficult to predict how much money you will spend when travelling, especially in countries you have never visited before. Whether you plan to travel to India, Malaysia, Africa, Brazil or any other exciting regions of the world, it is important to go through how much money you will need. We have created a list of things to consider, helping you to make a suitable budget for 6 months travelling.

Choose your destinations with your budget in mind

Travelling for six months involves a lot of preparation and organisation. If you’re a student taking a gap year, a worker taking a career break or someone fulfilling a lifelong dream –  it is important to put some time and effort into planning your next big adventure. Consider the budget you must work with and where this budget will allow you to go.

Some destinations are more expensive to visit than others, so choose your destinations wisely. Cambodia, India, and Vietnam are excellent destinations when on a tight budget.  Singapore, Chile and Argentina are known for being a little more expensive, and if you have more cash to splash, go to places like Brazil, Israel or Puerto Rico.


After choosing the places you would like to visit, the next step is to book your flights. The key is to book early to get the cheapest flights!


Visa prices depend on the countries you plan to visit on your 6 month adventure. If China or Vietnam are on your itinerary, remember they don’t offer visas on arrival, so you must arrange your visa in advance. It is good to research the visa requirements of a country beforehand to ensure there are no extra costs or complications on your trip.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is vital, particularly when travelling for 6 months. The upfront cost might seem steep at first but this will give you peace of mind throughout your trip. Nothing will kill your budget more than unforeseen hospital bills or having to replace lost luggage.


It is essential to get the right vaccinations to avoid falling ill on your trip. Many people assume that vaccines are not needed for certain countries but you should always double-check.  Call into your local TMB clinics to learn about the different vaccines you may require and how much this will cost.

What to bring – Budget for 6 months travelling

Remember the less you buy the more money you have for your travels. Reduce costs by bringing essential items including a rucksack, appropriate clothing, footwear, toiletries and a first aid kit. Depending on your choice of destinations, you could be surprised by how much these items cost, especially if visiting a popular tourist area.


Accommodation costs vary from place to place. Depending on your budget, there are incredible deals to be found online for hotels, apartments and hostels. Make sure to compare prices online and to read reviews to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Travelling in offseason can also reduce accommodation costs as owners often lower their prices during these periods.


A great way to save on your budget for 6 months travelling, is by using the local transport to get around. Try not to waste your money on expensive taxis or coaches. The local buses, trains, subways or tuk tuks are a cheaper alternative.


Food is expensive and is sometimes overlooked when calculating your expenses. Even in cheaper places like South America and Thailand, the food adds up extremely fast.

Eating well is important to stay healthy and fit while travelling. However, this does not mean you must eat three meals out a day. Preparing your own breakfast, lunch and dinner will greatly lessen the costs while travelling. It is nice to eat out every now and again but avoid going to restaurants in less touristy areas. Simply ask locals where the best place is to grab an affordable bite.

Travel health

For travel health tips and advice call into your local TMB travel health clinic and speak to one of our qualified professionals. Our experts will guide you through the health and safety requirements for your trip.

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