how to stay fit while travelling

How to stay fit while travelling

Whether you’re jetting off on your next big adventure or heading away on a business trip, feeling healthy and happy in your own skin has the power to enhance any travel experience!

Read our tips on how to stay fit while travelling to help you feel energized throughout your next journey.

Start as you mean to go on
how to stay fit while travelling

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is always important!
Breakfast fuels your energy, gets your metabolism pumping and will reduce the chances of you over-eating throughout the day.

Avoid eating out
how to stay fit while travelling

Instead of eating out every day, why not check out the local produce in the food shops?

If you’re wondering how to stay fit while travelling, investing in healthy food is always a great place to start.

It will help you save money and will make it easier to keep your healthy diet on schedule.

Hydration is key
how to stay fit while travelling 3

Keeping hydrated is crucial for your health and well-being so drink plenty of water during your travels.

Water will also help regulate your body temperature if you’re in a hot country

Choose to walk whenever possible
how to stay fit while travelling

Wondering how to stay fit while travelling? Try to get those legs moving and walk as much as you can.

Walking is a great way to burn off a few calories, to keep your metabolism moving and to relax the mind.

Many cities also offer walking tours so you can stay fit whilst learning about the history of your surroundings.

Practice yoga
how to stay fit while travelling

Keep your mind, body and spirit finely tuned with some yoga.

Yoga practice helps circulation problems, improves the quality of your sleep and, of course, is a simple way to stay fit whilst travelling abroad.

Practice your own yoga routine in the morning or see if there’s a local class available on your travels.

Make the most of the sea or the pool
how to stay fit while travelling 6

If your staying in a destination near the sea or the pool, make the most of it!

Whether you want to swim some laps or splash around in the sea – there are so many things you can do in the water to stay fit.

Discover the outdoors with a hike
how to stay fit while travelling 7

There is no better way to take in stunning scenery or fresh air than a hike.

Hiking is a great cardio exercise as well as a great way to discover the outdoors of your chosen destination.

Don’t forget to wear the right footwear and to take a bottle of water along with you to keep you hydrated at all times!


We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to stay fit when travelling.

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