How to stay healthy while working from home


With a lot of the country still working from home, more and more people are wondering how to stay healthy. Yes, you can exercise every day and try to eat right, but there are also several other things you should pay attention to in order to keep yourself safe and well while you work from home. We spoke to our resident Doctors and Nurses at TMB who shared the following tips with us.

Wash your hands

This message has not changed. Continue to wash your hands on a regular basis with soap and water, or with an alcohol-based solution. This will definitely help to kill viruses that may be on your hands.

Clean Packaging

Clean any vegetable packaging, or other plastic packaging, with an antibacterial wipe (plastic) before opening. Always wash your hands after handling loose fruit and vegetables, or anything else that other people may have handled, at the supermarket.

Stay Hydrated

When working from home it is very important to stay hydrated. Keep a pint glass on your desk and continue to refill it– aim to drink at least 4 pints throughout the day. Staying hydrated will keep you alert, keep joints lubricated, regulate your body temperate and assist in removing waste. This is one of our top tips for how to stay healthy when working at home.

Nutrition – Don’t Overeat

When working at home it can be so easy to snack your way through the day! Try and fill the house with healthy snacks such as nuts or fruit. Prep your lunch the night before. Get into a routine with your meals. Eat regularly throughout the day.

Take a lunch break

This one is important. Try and get away from your desk and get some fresh air. Eat your lunch in the back garden. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Whatever you do, just be sure to take a break.

Mind your Mental Health

Whether it’s yoga, sudoku, crosswords, reading or listening to an audiobook, keeping your brain active s is very important. The HSE has several resources here on minding your mental health.


If you are taking advantage of the good weather and working in the garden, then one thing to be aware of is ticks. Wearing long slacks tucked into your trousers will help in warding off unwanted ticks. Checking your body for ticks after a day in the garden is also advised.

Wear SPF 

If you are eating lunch in the garden or tending to the flower beds it is important that you protect yourself against the harmful rays of the sun. Make sure that you apply sunscreen and wear a hat where possible.

For more travel health tips and advice call your local TMB clinic and book in to speak with one of our qualified professionals. 

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