India Travel Tips

India travel tips including where to go and how to stay healthy

If you’re a first timer about to embark on an adventure in India, chances are the prospect is a tad daunting. Chaotic and bewildering, this beautiful country can be a lot to handle if you aren’t prepared and don’t know what to expect. With dozens of different regions and a billion locals, it’s tricky knowing which destinations you should pack into your getaway. Fear not, our expert India travel tips will ensure you don’t miss a trick on your adventure.

Plan your itinerary

Top of the list of our India travel tips  – don’t try to fit in too much into a short space of time. India isn’t going anywhere and you can always come back for more at a later date. Choose your itinerary wisely, factoring in travel time between each destination. A fail-proof route is the classic Golden Triangle, which comprises of dazzling Delhi, amazing Agra and pink-hued Jaipur. If you’re fancy a more relaxing break, head to Goa’s golden beaches or the quiet Kerala backwaters.

Escape the masses

When you think of India, chances are you imagine sprawling, bustling cities. Within moments of stepping off the plane you’ll come to realise that there is much, much more to this stunning country than chaos and noise – unparalleled hospitality, intriguing history, colourful culture. That being said, it’s definitely worth visiting India’s smaller villages and gorgeous natural areas where you can enjoy total escapism. If you have time, factor in a trip to the beautiful Yumthang Valley, majestic Nohkalikai Falls or dreamy Kerala in the south.

Choose food wisely

Many Indians are vegetarian, meaning there are a host of wonderful veggie options to take your fancy. Choosing vegetarian meals reduces your risk of suffering from ‘Delhi belly’, which you definitely want to avoid! If you decide to eat meat, make sure it has been cooked thoroughly and comes from a hygienic eatery. Picking restaurants that are packed with locals is usually a good bet. Remember – when in doubt, leave it out!

Be careful with water

Only drink sterilised water on your getaway – as India travel tips go this really is critical! Tap water often contains bacteria and viruses, sure to cause you an unwanted bout of sickness. Avoid ice or any food that has been washed in water, such as salad or fruit. Purification tablets are easy to carry around and alleviate the risk of contamination. If you buy bottled water make sure that the seal hasn’t been tampered with.

Patience is a virtue

Things don’t always run on time in India so be patient when your new friend is running late or your train hasn’t shown up. You’ll come to understand that this is all part of India’s alluring charm and something you’ll miss when you’re back in that Monday board meeting bang on 9am. Use waiting time to people watch and get a greater insight into the local way of life.

Respect the culture

Dress conservatively to avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself and respect the traditions and beliefs of locals. Covering arms and legs is a simple step towards respecting India’s relatively modest culture, as is removing your shoes before entering someone’s home or a temple. Check out the bustling markets of Udaipur or Agra and pick up elegant, modest items to see you through your trip.

Beware of pickpockets

As in any major cities in the world, pickpocketing is a problem in India. Be aware of your belongings at all time, especially when travelling on overnight buses or trains, and avoid carrying large quantities of money with you. There’s no need for that fancy watch or diamond earrings on your Indian escape so leave these at home.

Get excited

Travelling to India is sensory overload – an explosion of bright sights, explosive tastes and warm feelings at every turn. It’s difficult to summarise exactly what makes India so special – you simply have to go there and experience it for yourself to grasp what a wonderfully diverse and friendly country it is. You’ve undoubtedly heard a few travel horror stories of late but don’t let this put you off! India is full of generous, caring people, ready to show off their magnificent country and culture.

TMB’s India travel tips would not be complete without some travel health advice. It’s important to prepare yourself before travelling – to pack carefully and get all of the recommended vaccinations for India – but don’t worry about your getaway itself. You’re guaranteed to have an incredible time!

Those travelling to India are strongly advised to book an appointment at a local TMB clinic and speak to a trained professional about the vaccinations required.

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