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Get ready for the holiday of a lifetime with our Indonesia travel tips

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With over 17,000 islands, 300 languages and a wealth of jaw-dropping sights, Indonesia really has to be seen to be believed. This beautiful country is home to incredible landscapes, from dense jungles and lush rice paddies to tropical beaches and majestic peaks, as well as some of Southeast Asia’s friendliest people. Enjoy the rich diversity of this humble destination with thanks to our top Indonesia travel tips.

Indonesia Travel Tips – Travel health

It is recommended that you consider vaccination cover against a number of serious illnesses, including hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus and poliomyelitis, before entering Indonesia. Those who plan on exploring rural areas, such as Java’s Green Canyon or Sulawesi’s Bantimurung Karst Mountains, are also advised to get hepatitis B, Japanese B encephalitis and rabies vaccinations. Find out more about the recommended vaccinations for Indonesia.

Think about the weather

Aside from Christmas and New Year’s, Indonesia’s low season runs from October until April. You can pick up some excellent deals on tours and accommodation over this period but be prepared for a little rain. Fortunately, the rains are usually limited to brief downpours so you can still see all this gorgeous country has to offer without too much inconvenience.

Be cautious of wild animals

Stray dogs, cats and monkeys may look cute but they also carry potentially fatal diseases. This is why it’s highly recommended that you get rabies, tetanus and hepatitis B immunisations before travelling to Indonesia. If you’re heading to Ubud’s Monkey Forest, leave your valuables at home or secured in a closed backpack. These cheeky creatures are famous for their thievery!

Indonesia Travel Tips – Respect religious traditions

Indonesia is a very spiritual country and it is likely that you will encounter a religious ceremony over the course of your stay. Be respectful of locals by wearing modest clothing and behave appropriately when visiting Hindu temples. An important point to note and one of our top Indonesia travel tips is that Indonesians leave offerings (canang sari) made out of palm leaf, flowers and herbs to the Creator on the street each morning. Be careful not to step on these and make sure you don’t interrupt any religious processions that take place.

It’s quite common for travellers to add on a stint in Bali and the Gili Islands at the end of their Southeast Asia backpacking trip and not experience the other amazing sights that Indonesia has to offer. Bali packs a big punch and draws millions of tourists each year – its golden temples, golden beaches and vibrant paddy fields are like something out of a dream. If you have time, however, check out the cultural delights of Yogyakarta, conquer Mt Bromo, unwind at Lake Toba and get up close and personal with the Komodo Dragon.

Accommodation in Indonesia

Homestays are common in Indonesia and are an excellent way of soaking up the local culture. Usually guests are provided with their own room, bathroom and breakfast for a very good price. Your money goes directly to the local people and you’re guaranteed lifelong experiences not found in a hostel or hotel. Win-win!

So a synopsis of our top Indonesia travel tips – Take advantage of these top tips and say ‘selamat’ (‘hello’) to intriguing Indonesia. Book an appointment at your nearest TMB clinic to find out more about the vaccinations you require, be respectful of local traditions and open to the wealth of wonderful experiences this fantastic destination has to offer. An unforgettable holiday is guaranteed!

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