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Packing tips for travelling abroad

It can be stressful getting your head around what you need to pack before you travel so we’ve put some packing tips for travelling abroad together to help!

Whether you are travelling Europe, Asia, or India, it is always helpful to have a rundown of the items that are essential for travelling.

Think about the area you are visiting and what may or may not be available there. Some careful planning and packing before your trip can avoid any wasted time, inconvenience or worse while you’re away. With these packing tips for travelling abroad, you will feel prepared and safe, ready for your next adventure!

Packing Tips – Materials

When travelling the most important materials to carry are your documents. Without your passport, tickets, money, insurance and the appropriate visa for your destination you will not be going anywhere! Make copies of these documents in an online storage file or email in case of emergencies.

One of our most important packing tips – if you require any medication or have medical certs make sure to bring them with you, it can be difficult with a language barrier to get what you need in a hurry, so do not take any chances.

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Whether you are travelling to one or many destinations always check the climate to get an idea of what kind of clothes to bring. Remember to pack light so you are not lugging a heavy case around. Two essential pieces for every traveller are a lightweight fleece (or something similarly warm and light) and an ultra-lightweight down jacket. Even in the warmest of climates it can get chilly on airplanes, air-conditioned spaces and in the morning and evenings with little sunshine.

In warm climates, it is important to bring sun block to protect your skin against sun damage. You can usually get lotions abroad but we recommend that you keep a small container on you to apply right away to avoid getting burnt.


Electrical products

Travel adaptors are vital, they are inexpensive and last forever so buy a few, not just one! It is always great to have a spare adapter for a friend or to charge multiply devices at a time. If you are travelling with children, bear in mind you will want to charge their DVD players or consoles too.

If you are staying in a hotel, apartments, or Airbnb it is likely that electricals such an iron and hair dryer will be there for you if needed. Think of what is necessary to bring and leave heavy equipment at home.

First Aid kit

Preparing your travel first aid kit is a vital part of your pre-trip planning and packing. A good travel health kit contains enough supplies to prevent illness, handle minor injuries and illnesses, and manage pre-existing medical conditions for the duration of your trip. Having your own personal kit with you can be easier than looking for pharmacies and hoping they will speak English.

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Travel Security

Travelers should always be aware of pick-pocketers. It is important to keep your passport and some cash on you always. Another one of our most important packing tips is that money belts are a fantastic way to keep your valuable belongings safe. Place it under your clothes so it hidden and safe.

A strong padlock is a great investment for security while travelling. This can be used on your suitcase while travelling or for hostel lockers to keep your possessions safe and protected. A label on your luggage with your name and contact number is also a smart way to ensure your items can be returned if lost or stolen.

Travel Health

Contact your nearest TMB clinic and book an appointment for more advice on what you may need to keep your travels safe and healthy.