Safari in South Africa – the ultimate guide to wildlife

A safari in South Africa offers a trip through the wilderness that allows you to enjoy all of the natural beauty this amazing destination offers.

It is all about the thrilling and exciting activities such as driving through the jungle, coming face to face with wild animals, hiking and experiencing the rich flora and fauna of the exotic region.

South Africa has a lot of places to offer to wildlife lovers from around the world. If you are one of those real wildlife safari enthusiasts, then a safari in South Africa is the right place for you.

Choose the right wildlife safari for you

The first step in planning your safari in South Africa should be to choose the type of safari you would like to go on. Whether you are backpacking alone, travelling with a family, or looking for a romantic honeymoon safari, there are many different types of safaris to decide on. A safari in South Africa gives you countless options, experience a mobile safari, beach safari, birding safari, honeymoon safari or an adventure and activities safari. South Africa has it all, so do your research and find what type of safari best suits you.

South Africa’s wildlife

The “Big 5” is a term used to describe Africa’s most dangerous, yet most popular, game animals and consists of the lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and the black rhino. The white rhino is also included today due to the rarity of seeing the endangered black rhino. Although most of us have seen and heard of these animals from books and documentaries, there is nothing quite like seeing these magnificent creatures in the flesh.

As well as being home to the “Big 5” safaris, South Africa is a fantastic place to spot some of the most interesting and rare species of birds and reptiles. To enhance your experience, it is a good idea to learn a bit about these animals before your trip.

Destinations for safari in South Africa

Africa is the world’s second largest continent with extraordinary nature just waiting to be discovered. Its landscape is incredibly diverse with lush green plains, vibrant marshland, and dessert land. South Africa hosts various safari destinations that offer many types of accommodation. From affordable bush camps (Botswana safari) to luxury safari lodges by the ocean (Mozambique safari) there is an endless list of destinations to meet everyone’s needs.


Whether you are travelling alone or in a group you must decide on your budget. A safari in South Africa is not cheap but it can be affordable. You can choose to go on an all-inclusive safari holiday or do the planning and organising yourself – the choice is yours. Before you go you must consider vaccinationsvisas, travel insurance and safari essentials. Preparation is key when trying to stick to a budget.

The essentials for safari in South Africa

Carrying a medical kit is vital for a safari in South Africa. It should be on top of the priorities list in case of emergencies. Always make sure to bring your kit along with you each day and add any personal medication that you need.

It is crucial to bring suitable clothing to suit all weather conditions of your chosen destination. Comfort and quality are important for your safari adventure. Do not forget your camera, capture spectacular moments, and make your memories last forever with stunning photographs.

Remember travel adapters, memory cards and an extra set of batteries if needed for any of your electrical equipment.

Travel health

Thinking of going on a safari in South Africa? Book an appointment at one of TMB’s 20 clinics nationwide to speak with a qualified consultant who will offer advice on how to stay safe while away and information about all the required vaccinations.

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