Top Business Travel Gadgets 2019

top 5 travel gadgets 2019

You’re traipsing through the airport with an abundance of thoughts running through your head regarding your business trip, one of them being – please don’t let my phone battery die before I land!

Sound familiar? Well, if you’ve ever travelled for work – you can probably identify with the above.

Thankfully, there are now so many gadgets to make your next business trip stress-free.

Read on to see our picks of the top business travel gadgets:

Cabin Friendly Adventure bag

Top business travel gadgets 5

The Cabin Friendly Adventure bag has tonnes of travel friendly features. It’s perfect for a short business trip and it easily folds away when not in use.

With a clip-on shoulder strap and an outside zip pocket, this cabin bag is a must have on any business travellers list.

Aqua Pure Traveller Water Filter Bottle

Top Business Travel Gadgets 4

This high-performance water purification system provides you with access to safe drinking water wherever you may be.

Simply fill the bottle and you can safely drink the water immediately!

Dry iPad

Top Business Travel Gadgets 3

Access your emails and keep on top of your work wherever you may be with the Dry iPad. Offering 100% waterproof protection, this clear pouch assures a seamless response to any touch.

The integrated earphone jack allows you to listen to music and watch your favourite films during your down time.

USB Adaptor

Top 5 travel gadgets 2019 universal adaptor

The Lifesystems Universal Travel Adaptor is for the worldwide business travellers. The plug adaptor system allows you to connect devices to local mains sockets in more than 150 countries.

So, whether you need to connect your phone or your laptop, the Universal Travel Adaptor can charge your electronics when connected to nearly any power supply.

Mobile Power Bank

Top Business Travel Gadgets 1

You need not worry about your phone battery running low during an important business call with the Mobile Power Bank.

This back-up power source is an easy way to charge your essentials when you’re out and about, making it one of the top business travel gadgets on our list.

We hope you enjoyed our top business travel gadgets blog!

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