Top tips for booking a summer holiday

Make the Most of Your Summer Holiday!

Your summer holiday is your main escape of the year, your chance to relax and laze by the pool while your worries melt away. But is there something that you have forgotten that could destroy your dream getaway?

Sun holidays, adventure holidays, exotic holidays – any kind of break is great, but think before you book as some places may seem ideal, but hidden factors could go against you upon arrival.


Generally, a summer holiday is something that is highly anticipated all year and is well-deserved by the time it comes around. Don’t let your annual escape be ruined by forgetting about the finer details. Take everything into account before you go and reap the benefits while you are away.

Beware of rising temperatures

If you are planning on heading to areas renowned for their heat, try to plan your trip at either the beginning or towards the end of the summer to avoid the highest temperatures. Also, while you may be looking to absorb as much sun as possible, be sure to have an appropriate factor on your skin. The tanned look may be in, but the lobster look is out!

 summer holidayTips for booking a Summer Holiday – Be prepared

If it is an exotic getaway you are after, be sure to check for any vaccinations that are recommended or required for the area. Don’t let sickness spoil your summer holiday or get stopped at the airport because you don’t have the required vaccinations for your destination. Also, while an adventure holiday can be amazing, just make sure to pack the essentials, i.e. first aid kit, food and water supplies, mobile phone, map etc. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Stay Safe from COVID-19

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for holidaymakers to follow local rules, regulations and travel advice while abroad to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. Effective ways to stay safe from COVID-19 while on holiday include maintaining good hand hygiene by washing your hands in warm soapy water or using an alcohol-based hand gel regularly, touching as few surfaces as possible and avoiding touching your face with unclean hands. Travellers should also follow individual government social distancing guidelines. Wearing face coverings in public spaces where social distance cannot be maintained is also a good way to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus. Be sure to stay up to date with regulations on social distancing and face coverings, which can vary country-to-country.

For more information please visit Coronavirus Travel Advice

Stay covered

Travel insurance may seem like an unnecessary added cost for your summer holiday – until a volcanic eruption keeps your plane grounded, leaving you stranded in a foreign land. For a small fee you can ensure you’re covered against most disasters while you’re abroad, including losing your luggage en route – a particular problem if you’re planning on hitting up a few different destinations!

Ensure family fun

If it is a family holiday that you’re planning, be sure to regulate the amount of time your kids spend in the sun. Pick a beach with umbrellas or shaded areas to avoid your little ones getting burnt and even sunstroke. Look for campsites or accommodations that have kids clubs to keep them having fun throughout! Pick up some children’s travel accessories before you go to keep them entertained while on the road!

summer holidays

If you feel ill while away, Tropical Medical Bureau offers a 24/7 emergency hotline to all existing customers. They also offer a post-exposure check-up service if you are feeling ill upon your return.

For more travel health tips and advice call your local TMB clinic and book in to speak with one of our qualified professionals.

To book an appointment for vaccinations and see a list of our base and associate clinics, please contact Tropical Medical Bureau on 00-353-1-2715-200 or visit our website

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