Top tips for choosing a yoga retreat

Enjoy a lifestyle of health and wellness by taking some time out and using these top tips for choosing a yoga retreat abroad. Sometimes it is necessary to remove ourselves from our busy lives to give ourselves the permission to truly relax.

Choosing a Yoga Retreat – Location

There are yoga retreats all over the world, so it is up to you whether you want something by the beach or the mountains. You may be a yogi who enjoys the ocean front view or a nature-lover who likes to be deep in the wilderness, the choice is yours. Location is important because it is the place you will stay for the duration of the retreat. Go to Europe or take the leap to Brazil, Mexico, or India for a tropical experience that is second to none.

Type of Yoga

When choosing your yoga retreat, it is important to know what style of yoga you will be practicing and the levels of yoga they cater for. Research is vital, you want to choose a retreat that suits you and your needs. Some forms of yoga are aimed at fitness, some are aimed at relaxation and others are aimed to integrate body, mind, and inner energies. There are a mystifying range of yoga types from Bikram, Anusara, Ashtanga and more, so if the style of one retreat doesn’t suit you, then keep looking.

Coach and Guide

When you think of a retreat you may think of group sessions between 10 or more but there are always other options. Ask what your intentions are from this experience, whether you want to get your life direction in order, let go of old emotions or you just want to try something new. The right yoga coach can make your experience even better than anticipated. You may want to experience private classes with your own coach who will work with you closely to achieve your goals. You could be happy to get group classes where you learn together and make new friends. Think about what you want and pick a retreat that offers the right coaching for you.

Tips for Choosing a Yoga Retreat – Duration

Are you looking for quality or quantity? Think of the length of the retreat. Consider how much yoga you will practice and what you want to achieve. Some retreats will offer only one class a day, while others offer 2 classes daily and mini-workshops. You may be a person who needs time to adjust and adapt a new routine or a quick learner who falls right into place. Try to be realistic and choose the right retreat duration for you.


A yoga retreat is not cheap but it can be affordable depending on how and where you choose to do it. You may be a yogi who enjoys the luxury retreat with stunning views, private studios, exceptional service with gourmet cuisine and treatments at hand. You may be on the other end of the spectrum and want to be out in the wilderness camping, enjoying the simplicity of nature. When it comes to a budget, you can cut out extra costs by bringing your own materials or by booking an all-inclusive retreat.

Travel Health

We hope you enjoyed our tips for choosing a yoga retreat. Thinking of a yoga retreat abroad? Visit us at one of our TMB clinics and speak to a qualified professional about the different vaccinations you may require.

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