top travel gadgets 2019

Top Travel Gadgets 2019

top 5 travel gadgets 2019

Preparing to go on your holidays isn’t always the easiest feat. Passports? Check. Boarding Passes? Check. Stressing about having everything until you eventually get off your flight? Check.

After all the hustle and bustle of getting to your destination, it’s important that you make your time away a complete breeze! Luckily enough, there are plenty of top travel gadgets to help make your travelling life that bit easier.

These are the top travel gadgets 2019 – all of which can be found on!

USB Universal Adaptor

Top 5 travel gadgets 2019 universal adaptor

The Lifesystems Universal Travel Adaptor is for the worldwide travellers amongst you. This Universal Travel Adapter is fitted with a powerful USB port which will charge devices at 1 amp, as opposed to the more common 0.5 amps. It also has a patented plug adaptor system enabling you to connect two pin or three pin devices to local mains sockets in more than 150 countries.

Go Travel Dry Reader

top 5 travel gadgets 2019 dry reader

This 100% waterproof case will protect your beloved e-reader from water, sand and dirt.

Able to fit iPad mini’s and all Kindle models – the Go Travel Dry Reader will ensure to keep your e-reader safe, no matter where you decide to read!

Cable padlock

top 5 travel gadgets 2019 cable padlock

There’ll be no need to worry about the safety of your belongings with the cable padlock.

The cable lock has a 90cm retractable steel shackle and hard to crack, four-digit number combination. The shackle is contained in a durable ABS plastic casing.

Share Sounds earphones

top 5 travel gadgets 2019 splitter

Want to watch or listen to something with a friend but don’t have a splitter handy? Worry not!

The share sounds earphones make their way onto the list of the top travel gadgets 2019 as, put simply, they are a quality pair of earphones! The integrated splitter ensures you and your friend can listen together on your travels.

USB Shaver

top 5 travel gadgets 2019 shaver

This pocket-sized travel shaver makes life easier for any traveller who likes to take care of themselves when travelling but doesn’t fancy packing their whole shaving set!

The shaver is supplied with a spare micro foil guard ensuring its high performance is maintained for an extended period of time before seeking a replacement.

We hope you enjoyed our Top Travel Gadgets 2019 blog. For more travel related advice, be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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