Travelling during rainy season in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most exciting places to travel to in the world.

With better prices, smaller crowds and this guide, travelling  during rainy season in Southeast Asia can actually be more enjoyable and valuable than going during peak season. Just ensure you are properly prepared before you go!

When is monsoon season?

Monsoon season in Southeast Asia runs from the beginning of July to late September which might have you thinking of constant heat and sunshine, but you must not forget that during this season rainfall is common there too. Expect a warm and humid tropical climate with bursts of rainfall and overcast skies.

Travelling During Rainy Season – Prepare

Whether you are travelling to Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam or Malaysia you should look up the expected weather in each destination in advance. Some regions like Thailand just receive outbursts of rainfall and experience clear blue skies and sunshine for the rest of the day during monsoon season. On the other hand, sometimes countries can have continuous days of sunshine with no or little rainfall, so don’t miss out and plan your travels to get the most out of your trip. Keep up to date with the latest travel news to avoid any disturbances during the monsoon season, such as severe flooding.

Travelling during rainy season – Clothing

With warm temperatures, sunshine and downpours of rain it can be difficult to know what to wear when travelling during rainy season in Southeast Asia.  Pack light and loose clothing to help you stay cool during a sunny day. If there is a sudden outburst of rain you will quickly dry in no time when the sun come out again. Wear sandals or boots with good grip to help you walk around any slippery streets after downpours.

Don’t forget to have a safe place to put your phone or other gadgets to prevent any water damage. Whether you are lying by a beach, on a boat or there is a sudden outburst of rain, a water-resistant bag is a must have during the monsoon season.

Bring mosquito repellent

The warm and humid topical climate is a big attraction for mosquitoes especially during the monsoon season with the addition of some rainfall. Mosquitoes can carry malaria and other diseases that can be harmful. Bring plenty of mosquito repellent to project yourself from being bitten. A portable net over your bed at night is a great way to reduce your chances of getting bitten.

Plan your day

Organisation is key when travelling during the monsoon season. Know when the rainfall periods are due each day and plan to eat or relax at that time. Plan to sight-see and explore during the dry spells to get the most out of your holiday.

Whether you are taking a boat, bus or car allow for extra time in your schedule, slippery roads and uneasy water can cause delays. The natural landscape and wildlife of Southeast Asia is second to none so soak it all up. Unlike flora during the dry season, the landscape is green and lush rather than brown and parched. With less tourists, once you plan your day out right you can have an even better experience and enjoy the sights without the peak season crowds.

Travel Health

If you are travelling during rainy season in South East Asia it is really important that you look after your travel health and are up to date with all your travel vaccinations.

We hope that you find these tips useful while you travel to South East Asia. For travel health tips and advice call your local TMB travel health clinic and speak to one of our qualified professionals. Our experts will guide you through the health requirements for your destination, telling you all you need to know about vaccinations, mosquito bite prevention and food hygiene.

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