Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

Still deciding on a honeymoon destination? As you step into married life why not step outside your comfort zone and spend your honeymoon somewhere out of the ordinary. This is a once in a lifetime holiday so make sure it is one to be remembered. Here are some great examples of unusual honeymoon destinations for you and your partner.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town in South Africa offers not only an aesthetically pleasing honeymoon but also one full of adventure. Sit back, relax and enjoy wine tasting in the sun or go on a safari to see wildlife up close and personal. This is definitely an underrated honeymoon destination.

Havana, Cuba

Step back in time on your honeymoon to Cuba. The capital Havana is full of beautiful buildings and rich in history. Indulge yourself in the history as you are surrounded by bright colours, 1950’s vintage cars and music everywhere you go. Take a tour of the cigar factory and the tobacco plantations or relax with some familiar traditional Cuban drinks, such as a mojito or daiquiri. You could even try some salsa dancing together!

Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco may seem worlds apart from your normal life but it is actually just a short flight away. Marrakesh, the capital of Morocco is full of bustling markets, mosques, palaces and gardens to explore.

Outside of the city, you can take camel rides through the Saharan Desert or hiking/skiing in the Atlas Mountains. But nothing is more romantic than a hot-air balloon ride at dawn over the city.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is perfect for a luxurious honeymoon. With a wide variety of 5* resorts, you will be spoilt for choice. Well known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters and golfing there is something for everyone. Day trips around Punta Cana can bring you to Hoyo Azul, where you can swim in a natural pool only reached by a timber staircase and footbridge. You can also go trekking or zip lining through the beautiful forest.

Andaman Islands, India

The Havelock Island, just one of many of the Andaman Islands, hosts beach resorts that offer a luxurious stay for you and your loved one. Sunbathe on the stunning white beaches or venture into the crystal clear waters and go scuba diving with the exotic marine life. You can also travel over to the Andaman’s Island capital and visit the cellular jail, this jail is where the British kept freedom fighters during the Indians struggle for independence.

Nairobi, Kenya – Unusual Honeymoon Destinations


If you would like to spend your honeymoon surrounded by wild and exotic animals Nairobi is the place for you. You can visit the Nairobi Animal Orphanage, a treatment and rehabilitation center for many different wild animals. You can take the Safari walk, which is a walk along an elevated boardwalk that winds through the Safari park, home to rhinos, cheetahs, leopards and lions.

If that’s not enough adventure for you, stay in the Giraffe Manor, a boutique hotel that is also home to endangered giraffes.

Giza, Egypt

Giza is another unusual honeymoon destination. Spend your days exploring the Egyptian pyramids, the Great Sphinx and the history museums. At night take a romantic evening cruise down the River Nile with exquisite food and entertainment.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand’s second biggest island hosts lots of activities for couples to enjoy. Whether it be treating yourselves to a spa day or a romantic sunset dinner on the beach. You can also enjoy a traditional Thai food buffet while sailing around the stunning Koh Samui coast. Perfect for those couples who would enjoy a more relaxing honeymoon with spectacular views and fine dining.

Travel Health

If you are thinking of travelling somewhere exotic for your honeymoon we have a range of travel health services available for both you and your partner before you go. For more information contact TMB.

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