What to pack

Discover what to pack on your exotic holiday

You’ve booked your dream getaway, all visas and travel insurance have been sorted and you’ve made that all-important appointment to get your vaccinations. What’s left? Packing, of course. The prospect can be a little daunting but a little preparation goes a long way. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of what to pack to ensure you enjoy a safe and healthy adventure overseas.

Insect repellent

If you’re backpacking across Southeast Asia, Central America, South America or Africa, a high quality insect repellent is essential. You definitely don’t want to spend your time scratching nasty bites or suffering from any unpleasant side effects like fever, headaches and swollen lymph nodes. Preventing insect bites also greatly reduces the risk of malaria. An insect repellent containing DEET is strongly recommended to keep all those pesky bugs at bay.

Travel towel

If you hate the thought of lugging a bulky, damp towel from A to B then a microfibre travel towel is the way to go. This can be folded to a fraction of the size of a regular cotton towel, saving space in your backpack or suitcase. It will also dry much quicker and reduce the likelihood of odours and mildew occurring.

Luggage labels and luggage scales

Don’t make your time at the airport any more stressful than it has to be. There’s no need to worry about your baggage going missing if it’s properly labelled with secure leather tags. Luggage scales are also a great asset. These allow you to weigh your bag before the check-in desk so you can make sure it is within the allowance and you avoid any excess baggage charges.

Universal plug adaptor

If your biggest nightmare is not being able to charge your Kindle or use your hair straighteners overseas then a universal adapter is of the utmost importance. It’s worth investing in one which works in most countries so you know you’re sorted if your itinerary changes last-minute.

Sun cream

You’d be surprised how many people think they can get away without packing sunscreen for their holiday and end up looking pretty red-faced, literally! Our delicate skin is highly susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun and it’s vital that you take measures to protect it at all times. Pack a good-quality sunscreen and avoid painful sunburn ruining your holiday.

Mosquito net

There’s no need to endure an uncomfortable and sleepless night in a mosquito-riden hostel. Having your own sturdy mosquito net means that you are always protected no matter where you are. Again, avoiding mosquito bites greatly reduces your risk of contracting malaria in countries like Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Portable phone charger

Charge your smart phone on the go with a mobile power bank. This will make your life a whole lot easier if you’re incorporating long bus or train journeys into your trip. Nowadays you can get compact light-weight chargers that easily fit into your pocket or handbag. Listen to your favourite tunes, get snap happy and stay connected with people at home.

So there you have it, essential items that will make your life a whole lot easier on your travels. Cover the basics and the rest will follow. Make sure to check out Travelshop.ie for some great offers on insect repellents, mosquito nets, travel accessories and gadgets. You’ll thank yourself for it on your trip.

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