why do we need a flu vaccine every year?

Why do we need a new flu vaccine every year?

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It’s that time of year again. Some of your friends, family members and co-workers are beginning to succumb to the irritating illness we all know too well- the flu. You may ask yourself the question – if I was vaccinated last year, do I need to get the flu vaccination again? The answer is YES! So, why do we need a new flu vaccine every year?

The flu changes each year

FLu vaccine every year

One major reason why you need to get vaccinated each year is that the flu changes every year.  Yes, you heard us right! The flu virus is constantly changing.

Though it is commonly referred to simply as ‘the flu’, the actual virus going around each year is always different. It is an ever-changing virus. In response to this, medical professionals need to update the flu vaccine each season, which protects us from the new strains.

Your antibodies grow weaker over time

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Flu vaccinations are needed each year to ensure you have continuous protection. Though you may have received a flu vaccine last year, your body’s immune system from previous vaccinations gradually decreases over time.

By the time flu season comes around, your body’s immunity to it is virtuality non-existent. By getting a flu shot each year, you are protecting yourself from new strains, whilst also boosting your continuous protection.

The flu vaccine is the most effective way to prevent illness.

It really is that simple. The CDC estimates that an individual who receives a flu vaccine reduces their risk of contracting the illness by up to 61%!

Immunization is an easy and proactive way to protect yourself from the discomfort. However, if you do catch the flu after immunization, various studies show that the vaccine will still provide you with various benefits.

The vaccinations available to the public typically protect you from three to four different strains of the flu! The antibodies that your body developed from your sickness may only protect you from that one strain- leaving open the possibility of getting sick again.

Getting vaccinated helps protect your loved ones


If you get vaccinated during flu season, you may also be protecting those around you.

This includes others who are more vulnerable to serious flu illness, like children and senior citizens. By vaccinating yourself, you are less likely to transmit influenza to others. This means you are not only keeping yourself healthy but the ones you care about most!

We hope you found our ‘Why do we need a new flu vaccine every year?’ blog helpful!

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