Business Travel Tips

Find out our top business travel tips to make sure you feel your best when you’re on a work trip

Travelling for business is a whole other ball game than doing so for pleasure. Sure, you might be jetting off to exotic locations but trying to keep on top of your workload in a strange environment can really take it out of you. Not to mention the evils of jet lag! Our top business travel tips will help you to prepare for your trip and feel your best when you’re away.

Eat healthily

It may sound pretty obvious, but take all the necessary measures to ensure your health is in tip top shape before you set off. It’s easy to rely on convenience food and caffeinated drinks when you’re on the move but these do nothing for your productivity levels. Drink lots of water, get your five a day and bring your vitamins!

Get vaccinations

Take the same precautions when travelling for business as you would on a trip with friends or family. Research your destination extensively and make sure you have the recommended vaccinations and medication. It’s also advisable to pack a small first aid kit with essentials such as disinfectant, painkillers and hydration sachets. Believe us, there’s nothing worse than getting sick when you’re in a foreign country and trying to make a good impression.

Work away from home

Have a few hours to spare in between meetings? Make the most of down time by catching up on your workload. Take advantage of the free wifi at airports and hotels and stay connected with your office colleagues. Delegate tasks to ensure you are not facing an unsurmountable workload when you return home.

Be nice to staff

You might be feeling a bit worn out or stressed but remember, kindness goes a long way. Smile at everyone you meet, from the airport’s security staff to your hotel receptionist. Not only will it make your whole trip more enjoyable, you might even be treated to some free upgrades.

Visit tourist attractions

Try to do at least one cultural thing on your business trip and get a sense of the country’s customs outside of the boardroom. Treat yourself to some traditional cuisine, strike up a conversation with a local or take a few hours to visit the number one tourist attraction. This will make your trip much more memorable and give you something to talk about when you’re back in the office.

Beat jet lag

Flying affects different people in different ways. If you travel for business a lot and constantly have to deal with changing time zones, it’s important to figure out what sleeping and eating patterns work best for you. Our top tips – stay hydrated on your flight and get as much sleep as you normally would. Avoid alcohol and opt for calming camomile tea or soothing warm milk instead.

Pack light

Travelling can be stressful so don’t add an overweight suitcase into the mix. If you’re just away for a few days, take hand luggage and only pack the basics. You won’t have to wait for your bag at your destination airport or be laden down with luggage for the duration of your stay. Look at your itinerary and choose suitable clothing for the weather and each day’s activities.

So there you have it, our top tips for business travellers. No matter how long you’re away for, stick by these to ensure your journey is as seamless as possible.

Business travellers are advised to book an appointment at a TMB Clinic to find out more about vaccinations they may require and to get the best advice about how to stay healthy while overseas. TMB Clinics have a range of special services for corporate travellers, including education seminars, pre-departure medical screening and post-exposure medical screening.

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