How to do a digital detox while on holidays


Holidays are a time for relaxation and reflection. However, with smartphones today, getting some time to yourself can be more challenging than you think. This is why doing a digital detox while on holidays is perfect. With our five top tips, we want to help you to cut down on your smartphone usage to ensure you make the most of your getaway!

  1. Choose the right destination

Choosing the right destination for your holiday is not only important, but it is key to the success of your digital detox. A city with lots to offer will keep you on your feet and distracted. For example, Japan is an ideal holiday destination!

In Japan, there is more history and culture available to you than you could ever imagine! In order to take full advantage of this, you need to give Japan 100% of your attention. If you choose a destination that will leave you bored at times, you will have a stronger temptation to pass the time on your smartphone. In Japan, you won’t even have a spare moment to break your digital detox!

  1. Bring a Camera

One of the easiest ways to “accidentally” check your phone is when you choose to use it as a camera! One moment you are taking a picture, the next you are checking your emails and social media. Do yourself a favour, and bring a good camera on your next holiday! Not only will it take better photos, but it will also allow you to stick to your digital detox and stay in the moment!

  1. Get a map – a digital detox

This is one of the easiest things you can do to avoid screen time. We all remember a time before GPS, it will be like taking a trip to the past!

Maps are readily available to you while on holidays. If you are staying at a hotel, ask the front desk! As well, any tourist office would be happy to help you out. Guiding yourself through a city by map will eliminate the need to use your smartphone for directions.

  1. Swap your smartphone for a fuss-free phone

Surprisingly, a cellphone without smartphone capabilities is quite inexpensive today. Instead of bringing your smartphone on holiday with you, swap it out for a fuss-free cellphone. If your main concern with doing a digital detox is that it will be difficult for people to get in touch with you in case of emergency, then this is a viable option for you! Simply pop out your SIM card, and insert it into your fuss-free phone. Family and friends will be able to call you and you won’t have access to social media! Talk about a win-win situation!

  1. Allocate time for your smartphone

Saying that you won’t use your smartphone is an unrealistic goal for many people. It is our access to the world! Many of us use our smartphones not only for communication but for news and information!

Cutting yourself off from all of this can be very difficult. This is why we propose you set a time frame (or two) during which you are allowed to use your smartphone for all the features it offers! We suggest in the morning before breakfast and before you go to bed! With allocated smartphone times, you are less likely to crave your phone during the day.

We hope you found this blog on how to do a digital detox while on holidays helpful. If you are heading off to an exotic adventure, we strongly advise that you book an appointment at your local TMB clinic and get all of the recommended vaccinations.  

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