Preventing problems when travelling with friends

Follow our simple tips to help make the most out of travelling with your friends.

Nothing strengthens a friendship like making memories of exploring some new and exciting places together. A trip away with friends can be the most wonderful experience but it can also be stressful and tense at times. Travelling with someone for the first time can truly make or break the friendship. Whether you are planning a trip with your best friends or new friends it is important to put in some time and effort to ensure the trip runs smoothly for everyone. Preventing problems when travelling with your friends is easy if you follow our few simple tips in advance of your adventure.

Outline your holiday goals

Before you and your friends confirm any airline or accommodations bookings, it is important to consider what everyone wants to accomplish. Get together to discuss the trip and establish if you have the same type of holiday in mind. Individuals should talk about their needs, goals and preferences to measure if they are compatible travellers. One friend may be adventurous, social and interested in cultures. The other may be more of an introvert, loves shopping and staying by the poolside. It is crucial to recognize that even your closest of friends may not be the best travel partners for you.

Make an itinerary

Do you like to get up early or sleep in? A discussion about day-to-day routines is vital. It is a good idea to make an itinerary in advance to eliminate the possibility of future disputes. Individuals should lay out what their expectations are for the type of holiday they have selected. There is no point having your heart set on scuba diving in Asia or on  jungle treks in South America if your friends want to just lay on the beach all day. Tell your friends what you want to do, discuss your objectives and make your plan.

Remember it is perfectly fine to break away from the group. Include some ‘me time’ in your itinerary.

Consider budgets –  Preventing problems when travelling with friends

Money can be a sensitive subject but it is important to consider everyone’s budget to avoid any conflict later. Are you the type of traveller who likes to splurge on accommodation and expensive meals? What you may consider affordable may not be the same as your friends, so make sure to be specific. Talk about the level of luxury you are willing to pay for to eliminate awkward situations in the future.

Health awareness

One of the benefits of travelling with your friends is having someone you can trust by your side at all times. It is essential when travelling with friends to be honest with any health issues you have. If you have any allergies to food, animals or medicines make sure to inform them. Similarly, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, discuss it a friend in the case of any emergencies.


Preventing problems when travelling with friends begins with organisation. It is crucial for everyone to be equally prepared for the trip and this is particularly important when packing. Discuss what is necessary for your trip. Carrying a heavy rucksack is difficult if travelling through South East Asia or South America. Make your luggage lighter by sharing the load with your friends.

Thinking of travelling with friends this summer? Pay a visit to your local TMB clinic before travelling, find out about the recommended vaccinations for your chosen destination.

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