Skiing Holiday Tips

Skiing and snowboarding holidays are all the rage at the moment – and it’s easy to see why! What’s not to love about whizzing down the slopes, taking in beautiful Alpine scenery as you go? If you’re a ski first-timer then chances are you’re a little intimidated or baffled by the prospect. From lift passes to equipment hire, there’s a lot to organise and it can be tricky knowing where to start. Let our skiing holiday tips help you out…

Rent equipment

Skiing is a really fun and addictive sport, but one of our top skiing holiday tips is that it’s definitely advisable to rent equipment on your first trip. The same goes for snowboarding. Whether you are going to a ski resort in Japan, Europe or even South America you won’t know how comfortable you feel on the slopes until you get out there. Equipment is expensive to buy and bulky to carry – you can easily rent skiing equipment at all of the top resorts around the world. Be honest about your level of experience at the ski shop and their experts will set you up with the appropriate gear. In the unlikely event that the sport is not for you, you don’t want to be stuck with an expensive outfit you’ll never wear again.

Dress appropriately

Leave your fashionable get-ups at home. The most important thing is to have a breathable ski suit and fleece to keep you warm when you’re out and about. Don’t wear white on the slopes – bright colours are a must. Spend time choosing the best boots for you. Believe us, you don’t want your much-anticipated getaway to be ruined by achy or blistered feet. For extra grip, purchase clip-on spikes.

Beware of the sun

Temperatures differ from place to place but the sun can be as strong on the slopes as it is on the beach. Check the weather conditions of your destination and be prepared packing plenty of high-quality sun cream with you. It is important to remember to re-apply this throughout the day. Sunglasses are a skiing holiday essential – splash out on shatterproof ones if you can. Swollen, cracked lips are common on the slopes so make sure you also bring lots of lip balm with you.

Get skiing lessons

No matter how much of a natural you think you will be, ski lessons are essential for first-timers. Not only will you learn the ropes in a safe and comfortable environment, you’ll also have a lot of fun meeting other travellers. If you pick up the sport really quickly you can always advance to a higher level class.

Exercise before you go

A lot of people underestimate how tiring and physical an activity skiing is. Sure, it looks simple gliding down the runs but this actually requires a lot of endurance and strength.  Another of our top skiing holiday tips is to make an effort to get your heart rate up and work your leg muscles before your trip – hit the gym, cycle to work and do some cardio in front of the TV at night. If you can, head to an indoor ski slope before you go to get a taste of what skiing is really like.

Get travel insurance

Accidents sometimes happen, no matter how careful you are. It is essential that you get travel insurance before your trip and that your policy includes all of the winter sports you will be doing. This not only ensures you are covered in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong, it also gives you peace of mind for the duration of your holiday.

Travel Health

By following these skiing holiday tips you will enjoy an exhilarating experience on the piste this winter. With amazing skiing destinations in Japan, South and North  America and Europe you’ll be silly to miss out. For further information on your medical needs or further safety tips, book an appointment at a local TMB clinic.

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