Top Honeymoon Tips

These top honeymoon tips will ensure yours is the perfect way to start your life as a married couple, full of romance and love and wining and dining.

Whether you are planning a romantic beach trip, an exciting safari or a whirlwind city break, people tend to get swept away by dreaming of their upcoming nuptials and important details may be overlooked.

It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of a wedding but it is also very important to plan your honeymoon perfectly. It is supposed to be the best holiday of your life and that is what we want to help you have. Forgetting an essential detail such as a vaccine or even ensuring your passport is in date, your dream could be shattered.

Top Honeymoon Tips – Documentation

The last thing you want is for your honeymoon to be ruined due to a simple practicality. Don’t get too swept up in the romance and use your married name on your tickets unless your passport reflects the change. Any brides eager to use their married name for the flights – don’t as you may not be allowed on the plane.

If you’re travelling to the USA it’s also very important that your passport meets the new ESTA requirements. Also, make sure you have someone responsible at home to send in your marriage registration form to the General Register Office while you’re away – that form has to go in within one month of the ceremony for the marriage to be registered. Make sure your luggage does not exceed the weight limit for the airline you are travelling with. Some airlines have a lower limit than others so be sure to check and avoid facing heavy charges.

Top Honeymoon Tips – Travel Health

For many honeymooners this trip will be a once in a lifetime adventure somewhere you have never been before. Somewhere beautifully exotic and exciting and completely different from home. Therefore, you need to ensure you’re protected against any nasty illnesses – the last thing you want is to spend the first days of married life in a foreign hospital. Head to and book your vaccination consultation a few months in advance of the wedding giving you one less thing to worry about closer to the date. Also, make sure to stock up on any medication that you may require while away as it may not be available there.

Remember where you are

Dining on the local cuisine along the shore might be very romantic but steer clear of ordering shellfish when abroad to avoid the most common romantic malady. Also, be sure to pack the suncream – looking like a lobster won’t turn anybody on, even if they have sworn in sickness and in health! It always helps to pack some reliable insect repellent too – nobody wants to be an irritated newly wed!

Don’t be too spontaneous

One of our most overlooked top honeymoon tips is to plan your trip before you leave. Although it’s tempting when you have so many wedding related decisions to make, do not leave deciding on where to go for when you arrive. Plan ahead for at least the first three days until you can get your bearings. Having to sleep in a hostel room with ten backpackers tends to kill the romance!

Relax, relax, relax!

One of the most important top honeymoon tips is to relax! Where possible it’s a good idea to have a day at home after the wedding festivities before you head off on honeymoon – this means the stress of packing can be postponed until then and might help the ‘I forgot the passport/tickets’ scenario! You should also try to take a few days off at the start of the trip and leave the adventures and activities for a couple of days in. This will help you relax after all the planning and organising of the wedding so you can enjoy your honeymoon properly.

Travel health

We hope our top honeymoon tips are useful. For travel health tips and advice call into your local TMB travel health clinic and speak to one of our qualified professionals. Our experts will guide you through the health requirements for your destination, telling you all you need to know about vaccinations, mosquito bite prevention and food hygiene.

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