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Travelling With Children

Discover our top tips for travelling with children

There’s no doubt about it – travelling with children can often be a tiresome or stressful experience. Your little ones may become cranky on the move or bore easily in a new environment. With a little preparation, however, there’s no reason why your family can’t embark on its own exciting adventure overseas. Check out these top family travel tips to ensure your next getaway is as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

Plan ahead

Spend time researching destinations that will suit all members of your family. There’s no point trying to be spontaneous with your little ones in tow. It makes a lot more sense to book ahead and ensure your accommodation is child-friendly and safe. While you’re at it, organise all airport transfers and transport. It’s a well-known fact that children act up when they’re confined to small spaces so limit journey time as much as you can.

Bring toys

OK, so you’ve in an exotic destination with stunning landscapes and unique wildlife…chances are your children are still more interested in the latest Barbie or computer game. While you want to encourage kids to appreciate the culture around them, having some toys to keep them occupied isn’t always a bad idea. A camera is a wonderful prop as it encourages them to observe their surroundings and capture what interests them.

Research your destination

Celebrate your children’s curiosity by researching your holiday destination with them before you jet off. They’re a lot more likely to behave and take in their surroundings abroad if they have already established an interest in them. Identify local wildlife, cook signature dishes, explore the region on a map and watch films about the country in question.

Stay healthy

The last thing you want is a poorly child on your hands while you’re away from home. To stay healthy, ensure that your family eats a balanced diet and remains hydrated in hot temperatures. Visit a travel health clinic before you set off and get all of the recommended vaccinations. If antimalarial medication is required ask about a syrup form which is easier for children to swallow.

Pack suitable clothing

Spend time researching your destination’s climate and pack weather-appropriate clothing for your children. Comfy kids are happy kids! Make sure that new clothing fits properly and all shoes have been worn in before you go.

Choose fun activities

You’d probably love nothing more than to check out the local art gallery or relax with a glass of wine in a lush vineyard, right? For the whole family to have an amazing time, you really need to consider activities that will keep everyone entertained. Indulge your own inner child and lots more laughs are guaranteed. Head to the zoo, go on a boat ride or visit a theme park. Remember, they won’t stay this age forever!

So there you have it, our top tips for travelling with children. Plan ahead, pack carefully and organise fun excursions to guarantee you all have the best trip imaginable. You’ll want to do it all over again as soon as you return home! have a wide selection of travel accessories especially designed for children to make your getaway as hassle-free as possible. Check out the children’s folding pillows, child-safe headphones and travel pops.

Those travelling with young children are strongly advised to book an appointment at a TMB clinic to ensure that their health requirements are being met. A number of vaccinations may be required depending on the destination. Speaking with a TMB consultant ensures that you and your family will remain healthy and happy overseas.

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