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Coronavirus Antibody Tests

Covid-19 Antibody Tests

A blood sample can be taken to check to see if there are specific antibodies to Covid-19 present. These are specialised proteins and indicate if you had a previous infection with the virus. These antibodies help to fight off the disease and are only produced by the body after exposure and infection has occurred.

When Should I Take a Coronavirus Antibody Test?

Coronavirus antibodies can usually take 8-10 days to appear but, occasionally, this can take longer. To ensure the individuals body has had sufficient time to create the antibodies, and to avoid a false negative result, it is recommended that this test should be done 14 or more days after the individual started to become sick. Some people also remain without symptoms even though they have been infected and during this ‘asymptomatic’ phase they may pass the illness on to others. It is also important to understand that not every individual creates circulating antibodies even after confirmed infection.


  1. The presence of antibodies does not necessarily mean that the individual is protected against future attacks of Covid-19.
  2. Please note, antibody tests should not be used to diagnose someone as being currently sick with COVID-19. To check for a current infection, you need a viral test which checks respiratory samples, such as a swab from inside your nose. 
  3. This quantitative test cannot differentiate between antibodies from previous Covid-19 Infection vs vaccination. 

to have your blood sample taken.


How much does a Coronavirus Antibody Test Cost?

The cost for this in-clinic antibody test is €80


How Do I Take a Covid-19 Antibody Test ?

Before you attend our staff will send you further information which you should complete and return to us so we have it available for your appointment. When you attend you will be seen by one of our nurses who will take the blood sample and organise to have it analysed. The result will be available within 48 hours and posted on your secure myTMB facility. Alternatively you can attend the clinic in person and collect your result if that suits better.

As part of this new service, TMB recognises that some patients may need extra support to understand their results as they become available. Accordingly, TMB are providing a ‘tele consultation’ facility to allow individuals who have taken an antibody test discuss their personal results with one of our healthcare professionals. Details on accessing this service will be provided along with test results.

A number of other tests can be carried out at the same time if that is needed. See TMB Laboratory Testing