Covid-19 Travel Clearance Certificate

With Coronavirus still prevalent in many countries, some airlines and countries now require a Covid-19 Travel Clearance Certificate to allow an individual to fly or to enter a country.

A Travel Clearance Certificate is needed as proof to show that an individual has had a Covid-19 PCR test and is clear of infection within a determined time frame. Some countries currently require the cert to be issued 72 hours before travelling.

This service is available in clinic.

TMB offer this service to our patients attending for an in-clinic consultation, inclusive of the TMB Travel Certificate Certification, for €180. We expect to have the result and certification available  within 36 – 48 hours but this cannot be absolutely guaranteed due to a number of external factors.

A Covid-19 PCR test without the TMB Travel Clearance Cert is €160.

Once the results are through, they are uploaded to the portal on your myTMB account.

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This Viral Screening service is only for those who are perfectly healthy and well with no signs of possible Covid-19 infection.