public transportThere’s no better way to get to know somewhere new than exploring it like a local, and most time that means taking public transport. Public transport is an incredible way to get around, it’s affordable, reliable, better for the environment and, most of the time, easy to use. Even with all of the benefits of public transport, it’s still important to always be aware of your surroundings and to make sure that you are being safe on your holidays. So, here are our top 6 safety tips for using public transport when travelling.

Never leave luggage unattended

It’s a horrible feeling to have luggage stolen or lost while on your holiday, so try to always keep it as close as possible to you and your group. On a crowded train or bus make sure that you always have sight of larger bags.  Keep your smaller personal items, like a purse or laptop bag, on your lap or between your legs. Making sure that you keep an eye or hand on all of your belongings means that it’s less likely to be taken or accidentally left behind.

Keep important documents and money on you at all times

The last thing anyone wants to lose during their travels is a bank card or their passport. Keep the important things close to you at all times! Wearing a waist belt or making sure you bring a purse that zips closed will help you make sure nothing leaves your possession. This way you will be able to enjoy your holiday along with all of your belongings on hand.

Try not to sleep on public transport alone

You may be tired after a long day of travel, but try your best to stay awake.  If the drowsiness is too much and you are with a companion, try to take turns. public transport 2

You don’t know who could be watching you or targeting you while you’re asleep, so try your best to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Not only will this make you less of a target for pickpockets, but it’ll also help you make sure that you don’t miss your stop.

Plan your route ahead of time

It’s always best to have an idea of where you’re heading before venturing out. Getting lost in a new place can be stressful, but having a plan can help reduce the chances that you end up somewhere unfamiliar and unplanned. It’s always best to be prepared and know the stops that you’re getting off at.

Try to blend in

Public transport may not be the best place to show off your fancy new jewellery. Tuck necklaces inside your clothing and turn your ring around so that valuable stones aren’t showing, or keep your nice watches and rings inside your purse so they aren’t visible. public transport 3

Wearing your valuable jewellery on public transport will likely make you a target for pickpockets so if you are going to accessorize, try to stick with simple, inexpensive pieces.

Don’t talk with strangers

Having a light-hearted conversation is alright, but don’t share personal details of where you are staying and what you are doing with strangers on public transportation. The person you may be talking to might be perfectly fine, but those who overhear may not have your best interests in mind. It’s always best to be cautious of how much you’re telling others and what they could do with the information you give them.

We hope you found our public transport safety tips helpful. If you are heading off to an exotic adventure, we strongly advise that you book an appointment at your local TMB clinic and get all of the recommended vaccinations.