Best group holiday destinations

Travelling with a group is an amazing way to discover the world. Whether you’re with friends or on an organised group trip, you can go anywhere with the comfort of knowing that you are never alone. From action-packed holidays to relaxing cultural getaways, we have compiled a list of some of the best group holiday destinations.


Vietnam has something for everyone! If you and a group are looking for an exotic location that will fit into everybody’s budget, this charming country is for you.  Learn to practice traditional yoga, taste the local cuisine and see the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Ha Long Bay. With a group trip to Vietnam, you are guaranteed to make unforgettable memories.


In recent years, Columbia has become a prime destination for group travellers. Colombia has evolved into a peaceful country with exciting cultural offerings, a vibrant dining scene, beautiful architecture and, of course, incredible coffee.

Head to Cartagena to visit the oldest port city which combines urban charm. Cartagena also sits on the shores of the Caribbean, so a group boat trip to Playa Blanca on the Isla de Barú is perfect for a day of sun and turquoise water.


Bangkok, Thailand’s capital is a favourite destination among group travellers. With its famous local cuisine as well as its abundance of art, it is hard to not to fall in love with Bangkok. There is also plenty of history, shopping, and scenery for you and the group to take in.


Taj Mahal

India is a vast South Asian country with a diverse landscape. From Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean coastline and history reaching back 5 millennia, there’s plenty for all kinds of groups. Plus, it is the perfect destination for food-loving friends. Food is a fantastic way of connecting with any destination. Go sightseeing and visit some of India’s famous temples like the Taj Mahal and solidify the day’s adventures in your memory over delicious Indian food and drink.

Phuket – best group holiday destinations

Phuket, Thailand is more than spectacular beaches and sunshine. This area is perfect for a group who love water sports as well as those who like to relax.  Enjoy diving, zip lining, white water rafting, horseback riding and more. Take a day out together to James Bond Island or go swimming with the fish at Raya & Coral Island for the ultimate group bonding experience.

Travel Health

Are you thinking of taking a group holiday? We have a range of group travel health services which will be of help to you as you organise your group trip. For more information, book an appointment at a TMB Clinic. 

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