Travel Foot Care – Tops Tips & Advice

Travelling brings significant stress and strain to your feet. Following some simple commonsense care before and while travelling will make a huge difference to your overall enjoyment and to your general health. You can divide the possible care of your feet into two associated areas – firstly stress & strain and secondly infection.

Pre Departure Check-up

Generally this will only be necessary for the older traveller or those with a history of previous foot related problems. The foot specialist will be able to do any predeparture preparation to lessen your risks and also to advise on correct shoes etc.

Corns and Blisters

Having a simple first-aid kit for your feet is important if you plan to walk a lot on your trip. The most common problems are associated with uneven pressure linked with poor quality and ill-fitting shoes. If you have a tendency towards corns and blisters spend time dealing with this before you travel.

Varicose Veins – Travel Foot Care

In those with varicose veins, poor venous circulation will increase the sense of heaviness and fatigue in your legs if you do a lot of walking. It also increases the risk of venous clotting during any long-haul flights. Support tights will be a wise precaution though wearing them in the heat and humidity may not be that pleasant.

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