Travel health tips for seniors


Travel health tips for seniors

It’s never too late to go on an adventure! In fact, travelling in your later years as a senior is one of the best times to travel. Forget trying to cram everything you can into a two-week holiday that has to be taken at a certain time of year to coordinate with work and family obligations.

Whether you are visiting family abroad or planning the getaway of your dreams, travelling can bring a spark to your retirement. However, it is important that seniors prepare properly before travelling –  here are a few travel health tips for seniors to help you to have a happy and enjoyable trip.

Consult with your doctor before you travel

Speak to your doctor to ensure you are in good health prior your trip. You should get a written and signed note from your doctor detailing any prescribed medications you may need for your adventure.

Have your medication on you at all times

It’s important that senior travellers have enough medication with them for the duration of their trip. If you’re travelling for more than a week or a month, it is a good idea to always carry several days’ worth of prescribed medications with you. If you are flying, make sure to keep your medication and prescription documentation in your carry-on luggage. This will prevent any serious panic. The better prepared you are, the safer and more pleasurable your travel will be.

Get the right vaccinations

Seniors should ensure they receive the right vaccinations for the countries they are planning to visit. Some vaccines may be restricted on the basis of age. The yellow fever vaccine, for example, should be given cautiously to people older than 60 years, and it should not be given at all to people with certain immune-suppressing conditions. Seniors should drop into their local TMB clinic to discuss the vaccinations they require for their trip.

Take your time – Travel health tips for seniors

Remember your health should always come first, irrespective of any holiday destination. Try not to push yourself too hard, if you feel exhausted take a break and relax. You may not have the time to do everything, but if you slow down you will enjoy and appreciate your trip much more.

Travel insurance

Senior travellers should ensure they choose a travel insurance policy that meets all their needs. Make sure to do some research and consult your travel agent for necessary suggestions for seniors.

Keep your valuables secure while travelling

Try to avoid taking any valuables away with you, including expensive jewellery and sentimental possessions. If you have precious items, make sure to take advantage of hotel room safes and secure padlocks to your luggage when unattended.

Watch what you eat

Senior travellers tend to have more sensitive tummies and can’t stomach food like they once could. It’s understandable to want to forget this fact while abroad, but try to keep the spicy and dairy products to a minimum to ensure you don’t waste a day in your hotel room.

Inquire about senior discounts

Enjoy the benefits of being a senior traveller. Whether you are booking flights, accommodation or holiday excursions, don’t forget to ask whether they offer discounts for senior travellers. You never know how much money you could save unless you ask!

It is important to tell people back home what country you are travelling to and when you expect to be back. If you have a travel schedule, share this with family or friends, or carry a mobile phone and keep your loved ones posted on your whereabouts. This will give you a great sense of security that someone knows where you are in the case of emergency.

Travel Health

Contact your nearest TMB clinic and book an appointment for more advice on what you may need to keep your travels safe and healthy.

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