Is travel good for your health

Is travel good for your health?

You’ve just arrived home from your trip abroad, the feeling of calm and relaxation is, for lack of a better word – fantastic. Don’t you just wish you could bottle it up and use it whenever needed?
Well, there’s a reason for that post-travel tenderness and it’s not just because of the amount of naps you indulged in. Which makes us wonder, is travel good for your health?

We’re delighted to disclose that it’s been proven that travelling can affect both your physical and mental health in a positive way.
Read on to see Tropical Medical Bureau’s reasons as to why travel is good for your health.

Boost creativity

Is travel good for your health

Exploring the meandering streets of Santorini or the stunning ski slopes of Whistler will have your brain in a tizzy of inspiration.
Whether you’re a creative at heart or you’ve simply always been able to appreciate stunning sites – travel has been proven to have the power to boost your creativity.

Make social connections

Is travel good for your health

Being brave enough to experience a new destination comes hand in hand with finding the courage to, and perhaps needing to, step out of your comfort zone and make new connections.
Whether these connections be fellow travellers or trustworthy locals, putting yourself out there and meeting new people is known to have a positive impact on your mental health, mainly your confidence.

Experience alternative lifestyles and cultures

Is travel good for your health culture

Submerging yourself in the culture of another country is not easy, but it’s worth it. Steering yourself away from your usual Sunday roast does in fact come with some positives!
By embracing the food, the lifestyle and the norms of a certain area, you’ll learn to understand and acknowledge the history. This can enrich your mind in some pretty special ways.

You’ll get moving

Is travel good for your health

You won’t have the luxury of knowing the bus route or having the local taxi man on speed dial. When travelling abroad, you’ll be constantly on the go. Whether that be by foot or by bike, you’ll find yourself moving much more than you would at home – need we explain why this is a positive for your health?

Challenge your brain

Is travel good for your health decision

Decisions are something you’re bound to delve into making during your time away. Whether it be what to eat for breakfast or what island to visit next – your brain will consistently be challenged in more ways than one.
Independence and decision making will come in abundance during your time travelling, your brain will constantly be on the go.

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