ways to save water when travelling

5 ways to save water when travelling

ways to save water when travelling

Water is one of the world’s most important natural resources yet saving water when travelling isn’t always made a priority.

That’s why, this World Water Day 2019, we’re sharing some top ways to save water when travelling so that the next time you take a trip, you’ll be a savvy water saver.

Shower don’t bathe

ways to save water when travelling

It’s unfortunate but true, the bath in hotel rooms really does look more inviting than the one you have at home. But, don’t let it tempt you!

A trip to the bath uses a lot more water than showering. Think about it – water is used to fill the tub as well as to rinse off any excess soap once you’re done. Put simply, shower don’t bathe.

Use hand sanitiser

ways to save water when travelling

Not only does hand sanitiser rid germs and save you from looking for water or soap when you’re on the go, it also helps save water!

So, the next time you’re picking up some last-minute toiletries, opt for some hand sanitiser and feel proud that you’re doing your bit to save water.

Turn off taps properly


Have you ever heard the faint sound of drops of water coming from a tap? Well, those drops can really add up. Always remember to turn the tap off properly once you’re finished using it.

Carry wet wipes

ways to save water when travelling

If you don’t know the power of wet wipes, we’re more than happy to introduce you!
They’ll keep you clean in destinations or accommodations where there’s limited access to water – and even places where there’s not.

Tonnes of sizes and packages are available so you can wipe yourself down during a trip instead of putting water to waste.

Re-wear your clothes

ways to save water when travelling

One of the most overlooked ways to save water when travelling? Re-wearing your clothes! That’s right, wearing your clothes more than once is a step in the right direction to saving water.
Also, consider investing in some durable clothing which won’t need to be washed as much!

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on our top 5 ways to save water when travelling! For more travel related advice, be sure to check out our blog.

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