Christmas Travel Tips

Take advantage of our Christmas travel tips

If you’re anything like us, chances are your wanderlust is increasing rapidly now that the winter is well and truly upon us. The dark days and cold weather may leave you longing for the warmer temperatures and guaranteed sunshine of Southeast Asia or South America. If you’re planning a relaxing beach break in Thailand or fancy ringing in the New Year in Rio de Janeiro, then check out our top Christmas travel tips

The perfect time for many to travel is Christmas, when the whole family is free of work, school and other commitments. More and more people are taking advantage of this and choosing to spend the festive season with loved ones overseas or on an exotic holiday.  In fact, our winter months are a fantastic time to explore stunning countries like Thailand, India and Vietnam when the chances of monsoons are low and a dose of Vitamin D is much-needed.

Secure your bookings

Book early to make sure you get the best deals on flights and accommodation. Fares are likely to increase the closer it gets to Christmas and those who have left it too late may end up paying a high price for their procrastination. The chance of flights becoming full is also greater at this time of year so make sure you secure the dates you want ahead of the masses.

Plan connecting flights carefully

This is one of our top Christmas travel tips for smooth arrival at your desired destination! Winter frost or high snowfall may mean that your initial flight doesn’t leave on time.  If you’re booking with an online, look at layover times carefully. You need to make sure you have sufficient time to make any connecting flights, factoring in possible delays. Booking direct flights may cost a bit more money but offers you the added peace of mind. You definitely don’t want to spend Christmas stranded in the airport terminal by yourself!

Think about vaccinations

If you’re heading off to an exotic destination for Christmas now is definitely the time to start thinking about the immunisations you may require for your trip. It’s never too late to vaccinate but it is recommended that you get your vaccinations six to eight weeks before travelling. A course of injections may be required, with a period of time needed between each one. The last thing you want is to spend Christmas Day with an unexpected illness!

Be digital – Christmas Travel Tips

If you’re flying, check in online in the 24 hours before your flight. This will save you a lot of time standing around at the airport. There  may still be a queue for bag drop-off but it tends to move fairly quickly if more people have done their online check-in in advance. Another advantage of online check-in is it also allows you to choose your seat.

Be careful with food and drinks

Chances are you won’t be having a sit-down turkey dinner with all the trimmings this Christmas in Southeast Asia, Central America or South America. It’s very important to remain wary of how food is prepared and cooked in other countries. Choose restaurants carefully, beware of street food and only drink bottled or filtered water to greatly reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Solo travellers

The festive season can be a solo traveller’s nightmare. Seeing photos of your friends letting their hair down on social media and hearing stories of family get-togethers can naturally bring about feelings of loneliness. Our top Christmas travel tips for solo travels include reaching out to other travellers in the same boat and getting into the spirit of local celebrations. A great way to do this is by getting involved in a group activity such as yoga or group tours.

Be smart with your Christmas gifts

Enjoying a Santa Claus moment in the arrivals terminal is one thing – having your gifts confiscated at security is another. Never wrap presents, even if they’re in your checked bag. Security personnel may need to search your bag and will view wrapped packages with suspicion. Take advantage of duty shop shopping to nab last-minute goodies for your loved ones.

Travelling at Christmas has many advantages – the whole family can create lifelong memories in a fascinating new destination. Who needs a tree and tinsel when you have magnificent sights and exquisite scenery to take in? Take time to plan your trip properly and avoid any health risks to ensure you have the best time imaginable.

Travel Health

We hope you found our Christmas travel tips useful. If you are heading off on an exotic adventure this Christmas we strongly advise that you book an appointment at your local TMB clinic and get all of the recommended vaccinations.

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